:(    2004-02-14 20:21:01 ET
jeff bought me chinese for lunch today and i took my left overs to work. when i got there i opened it up to find a BOX ELDER BUG siting on my egg roll! i cried. [jeff's room is infested with them]
When i came home from work the cat was playing with one in my bed. it seems that those little punk-ass bugs like me and thought it would be neat to follow me home. fuckers.

 i don't think i'll be cracking any more jokes like that...    2004-02-14 10:29:39 ET
went to jeff's last night since i have to work tonight. drank a lot. oddly, i awoke without a hangover.

i was just on my way home and i passed by a really nasty traffic accident just down the road from my apt. the ambulance wasn't there yet but the cops were and one of the people in the accident was layed out on the street covered in blankets and a couple people were standing over him there was a woman kneeling next to him she was terribly upset. i wanted to cry for her. it made me think of just how fragile our lives are. i want to run out and tell all my friends and all my family that i love them, that i care for them, that they mean so much to me.

i must go to work.

 bah.    2004-02-12 07:26:24 ET
jesus h christ.

fuck it. i'm over this bs.

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