you suck big time.    2003-04-02 17:16:36 ET
started packing things up today.
i hate moving.

i was taking down my posters and i ripped some big chunks of paint off the walls. oops.
so jolie and i went to Meijer for fix-it paint and other assorted things then came home with way more than intended. haha
oh well. 10% off. :)

i'm gona go doctor my walls.

 will werk for füd    2003-03-29 06:01:53 ET
i need a new job.
one that pays the bills.
one that might even allow me to save money.
somebody hire me.

 She said 'hey! how do you do?'    2003-03-27 13:01:00 ET
I am sooo bored.
Jolie is sleeping, and the Mew is snoozing on my bed.
That Anukis is such a bed whore.

I'm doing crosswords and taking tests at
I'm such a loser.

Who Were You in High School?
--Brooding Artist
Lots of high schoolers felt sorry for the kid who sat alone in the corner — when they weren't picking on them, that is. Little did they know it was the best seat in the house for observing the absurdity of high school. The same insight that you had back then just might help make you famous some day (if it hasn't already). So revel in your high school roots and be careful when you're cleaning out the garage. With your talents, those old notebook doodles might end up being worth a fortune.


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