ohh yes.    2006-01-04 07:54:52 ET
I have felt so crummy as of late.
I feel like a wandering soul. I wake up and go to work or piddle around the apartment. I have no hobbies. I watch TV most of the day when I could be searching for a job or doing all the odds and ends that keep piling up. In a way I feel like I'll have time to do it later and that I deserve to take a break. I don't. Aside from the two classes I took, for laughs, at the Comm College in the fall, I haven't done shit else but work since I graduated from MSU last May.
That's why I'm making the following resolutions, and I'm giving myself until the end of the week to come up with a plan of action then it's 'go' time.

1. Find some damn motivation.
2. Begin my new job search.
3. Get some exercise.
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 Duct tape is a girl's bestfriend.    2005-10-24 18:02:30 ET
The air conditioner in my apartment sits in a hole that was cut in the wall and the installers didn't insulate it at all so every time the icy wind blasts I freeze to death. My desk just so happens to be beneath it.
I snapped up some duct tape at the market and taped an old thick towel over the air conditioner. No more breeze! :)
I may have to put a garbage bag over it once winter hits but I think the towel will do for now. I should have put the garbage bag on first, but whatever. At'll do.

Jolie is making me study for my orgo exam. Damn.
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     2005-08-29 16:11:41 ET
I'm an idiot.
I went to the environmental tech class.
I'm in love with it.

We get to go outside almost every class period and take samples. Not just out on the LCC campus either. We go all over the city and neighboring cities, parks and contaminated land sites; so it's like having a field trip everyday. We'll be wading in rivers, lakes and streams, catching fishies, counting animals, playing in the dirt and do even more absolutely awesome stuff.
There are no tests, just lab reports that should be a breeze b/c the Prof is so laid back. He prefers to be addressed him by his nickname, 'Carp', instead of Prof Carpenter or Mr. Carpenter, etc.

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