2008-08-10 19:17:27 ET

i'm bored and lonely for someone to talk to ... but i'm listening to La Scala--Keith Jarrett and it's wonderful.
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2008-08-06 09:59:52 ET

i'm pretty sure i just had like the weirdest night of my fucking life. well, probably not, but it's up there in the record books of my mind as being really really fucking weird.

2008-07-11 07:01:04 ET

o man, haven't written in here for a while...
tomorrow is my sister's wedding, and so today the females of my family insisted that i shave my armpits and legs as well as wash my dreads... i wouldn't compromise like this for just anyone, but i'll do it for my sister... o man, there was so much hair in the tub when i was done, haha.
i'm also decided if i want to smoke before i leave to go decorate for the reception... i probably shouldn't, but it's so tempting...
i can't wait for my new living space! i'm moving from a efficiency to a house with a couple friends... it'll be pretty much the first time living with people other then my family, but i'm not worried about it, my roommates are very laid back. just as long as they're careful about not letting any of my animals out, i'm cool.
hmmm... what else to say.. i am so poor right now. i don't have any food at my house, so i'm counting on my relatives to feed me the next few days.

i really miss my grandpa today. he passed away a couple months ago, and this will be the first family function without him.. my heart hurts so bad sometimes...

2008-02-08 15:04:06 ET

so, I thought I should write another entry today since that last one was so angry. haha. I've just had a bad day today. my mood has totally gone to shit. I'm pretty sure it's because of the scenery.... i live in fargo, ND, and it's flat and very ugly in the winter, especially on such a overcast day as this. gross. the worst thing about being in such a blah mood as this is that it feels almost impossible to be creative, and I have a lot of art homework to do. maybe a little bud and good music will remedy things. currently on the play list (it's quite a mix today): The Who, Count Basie and Sarah Vaughan, Ani Difranco, Martin Sexton (as always), Andrew Bird, Cake, Pink Floyd, Thelonious Monk, Muddy Waters, and quite a few others. yes.. now i'm feeling better...
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fuck!2008-02-08 07:55:13 ET

ok, so I'm the computer lab at school, and there's this guys that's sitting a couple computers over, and he's fucking hacking up a storm and sniffing in really hard and shit. what the fuck?? if you're sick to the point where your coughing and fucking snorting is making people (meaning me) violently annoyed, you should STAY THE FUCK HOME! does anyone agree???
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