2008-01-07 12:21:28 ET

So, I have to go back to school tomorrow. It's not a very happy thought to be quite honest. I feel like I never have any time to blow off some steam (almost no time in fact). BUT, i think i got fucked up enough this new years eve to last me for a while....

I just took my dog for an hour walk, which was really nice, because it's pretty warm out today (35 degrees instead of below zero). my apartment is VERY messy, and i am doing everything in my power to procrastinate about cleaning it (it's still messy from that crazy new years party).

So I'm starting to read Food of the Gods: The Search for the Original Tree of Knowledge A Radical History of Plants, Drugs, and Human Evolution....it's pretty fucking good.

....2007-12-22 15:58:51 ET

well, tonight is kinda sucky, because there's nothing to do, and everything is out of town for the holidays, and everyone that i know is out drinking, and i'm only 20...o well. i guess i'll just have to watch movies all night.

2007-12-14 09:30:02 ET

thanks for the welcomes! um, has anyone ever heard of Martin Sexton? he's my favorite, and I like to share the martin love.

on another note, who likes puzzles? Me!!

2007-12-13 19:43:38 ET

Well, here I am on Christmas break...which means I'm being as lazy as possible...I have to go let my dog out soon, and it's VERY cold outside (I live in North Dakota)... I've been like craving good conversation lately, so if anyone wants to talk, let me know!

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