2008-02-07 17:16:52 ET

I love The Office. enough said.

2008-01-29 08:44:24 ET

Right now in Fargo it's -13 degrees, and the wind is about 30mph, which means it feels like -40 out. It's intense. I almost can't handle it. fuck. ANYWAY, I have a shit ton of homework tonight, which is really a bummer and making me feel anxious. I'm not having a very good day to see the least.

more kitty things2008-01-22 08:40:35 ET

So, I have 2 foster cats, and the one is named Donatello (who I have already talked out), and the other's name is Pumpkin. Well, they both love my dog lady and do some odd things. Donnie will get on top of her and kneed her: it's like a full body massage, it's crazy. and then Pumpkin will actually suckle on my dog's nipples...yeah...kinda awkward and weird to watch.. maybe i'll get a video up of these things sometimes...

my kitties2008-01-21 12:26:35 ET

so, i always feel like a bastard when I pick up my cats when they're sleeping. but it's just sooo irresistible because they are so warm and cute when they're sleeping.. i seriously can't help myself sometimes. but then i think, man if i was a cat and some human came and picked me up when i was sleeping i'd be fucking pissed.

I was also thinking that if i was a cat that i'd be a cat that was super naughty all the time, and i'd fuck with humans all the time, but i'd be nice enough and at the right times where the house i'm living in wouldn't throw me out. ... wow, this sounds like my foster kitty named Donatello...
yeah, sometimes he bites my face while i'm sleeping (but he's purring the whole time)... i love him so much ...

fuck....2008-01-19 08:00:39 ET

It's -20 degree F right now (but it feels a lot colder with the wind and what not). fuck. too cold to want to do anything but be lazy. what really sucks about it is I can't take my dog out for more then like 15 minutes because her paws start freezing. lame.

So, I would really advise everyone to stop using Kimberley Clark products (they make Kleenex). They are destroying rain forests. If you need proof, here's the link: http://www.kleercut.net/en/
Tell your friends and family too.

Oh, and here's another thing: I think everyone should sign this petition urging our dumb-ass president to do something about the genocide in Darfur: http://action.savedarfur.org/campaign/savedarfurcoalition
Forward the link on if you feel so inclined (which I think you will)

Ok, so that's enough of that stuff (for now)... I'm drinking a diet barq's root beer... first time trying it, and I have to say, can't taste much of a different between the regular. sweet.

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