KITTY!!!    2004-01-10 16:30:19 ET
Waylon has obtained Max. He is the coolest cat ever...he looks like he should be sitting at a bar with a glass of scotch smoking a cigar.

I will soon be obtaining a tattoo. it will be of the goddess Kannan riding on the back of a dragon...sleeve....yay.

and now....TV.
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     2004-01-07 18:31:56 ET
Roomate moved in...this makes me happy. No more living alone for me...bah. He's playing Deo haha...rock on

ugh...more tired and hungry to type.

     2004-01-05 11:41:40 ET
Worky worky workin. Today is totally slow. I am now covering the desk for the we know what that means...GOOFING OFF ON THE INTERWEB! YAY!

I'm getting my hair cut will be so cool...more dramatic A-Line with some layers...yay...i just can't sit still must always change hair...never ever keep it the same...have to keep everyone on their toes. "What's Shan's hair going to be like in a month?" They'll wonder...muwahaha...even I don't know. My plan is masterfully carried out.

uhm...yeah. One of my eyes is all blurry. It makes it feel like I'm wearing sunglasses that someone touched with greasy fingers on one side. Fuck that shit, man.

ok...I have been caught. but it's going to be ok...i hope. I hope I don't get taddled on. But I really don't think that anyone cares.

I'm in a wierd mood today and the only words I can find to describe it are: "Grimly Goofy". A very odd state of mind, to be sure.

My eye is tweaking me out...I need to stop looking at the screen, now.

     2004-01-04 18:50:07 ET
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Prince - When Doves Cry ]

I have a nervous feeling in the pit of my tumbly. I think I had too much coffee parents make it strong. Oops.

I have had Prince - When Doves Cry stuck in my head all day...

Waylon brought over his life size frankenstein dummy tonight...It's sitting on the couch and at a first glance, it looks like a real person sitting there....I'm going to go out into the livingroom tomorrow morning and it's going to scare the shit out of me. At least I won't need my morning coffee for a few days, haha...he's my buddy, though. I call him Frank. I can't wait for Ashby to meet him...haha. I'm sure she'll bark at him.

Anyhow...time to read some smut and listen to music and smoke cigarettes :P

     2004-01-02 20:46:19 ET
Here is my handiwork :] Not bad, if I do say so myself:



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