And this is our Christmas Blend...    2002-11-14 18:52:36 ET
SO I just got back from my meeting...ran into a bunch of people from my old store. It was so lame...except one of the people I went with won a flat of cranberry bliss bars and I ate, like four...and now I think I'm gonna barf.

I love working for a major corporate scapegoat :P

Where is my man, yo? 'puter's on, and he can't have been gone long, cuz it hadn't powered down, yet...hrmm...There he is! wew!

Ok...i go

 I am new :]    2002-11-14 11:18:49 ET
Yay! new toy! :]

I'm killing time before my "Holiday Meeting" for work, so I thought I would give into Lokichilde's nagging and join :P


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