Boogie Woogie Wu    2002-11-19 09:57:20 ET
o/~ boogie woogie, woogie, woogie wuuu....boys and girls it's nighty night time, happy the clown has a nursury's about the boogie woogie man...keep your light out as long as you can...o/~

'Sall about ICP...ok...'sall about a couple of songs by ICP...:P

Loki is beating me with a sock...meaniehead...

Gotta go to school today and talk to financial aid and see my counselor about stuff :]..oh, crap! I had to print stuff out for her...gah...time to find scrap sumfin...yah...,


 Dates r good :]    2002-11-18 21:48:47 ET
Loki and I went on a date last night. It was so nice :] We started out eating brefast at about 5pm (lol!). We ate cheese omlettes al fresco on my super cool table I got from work and painted into an eyeball.

Then we went and got coffee at this place called Au Coquelet (they have SUPER good latte's with the foam in the consistency of melted ice cream).

After that, we headed towards the theater and walked by a Gelatos. Upon discovering that I'd never had Gelatos, Loki took me in there...ugh...BEST ice cream I've ever had!! yum.

We finally made it to the movie. We saw The Ring, which was reeeeaaally good. I loved it. It even freaked me out a bit after the movie. Lol, I went into the bathroom afterwards and was actually relieved when someone else came in and went into the stall right next to me...until she said, "Hey, did you just go see the ring?" I said, "Yeah, I did." And then...silence....That was very wierd, but I think she was just trying to freak me out.

The walk home was fun. We stopped to get some more coffee, and then headed home, coffee in hand, and mulled over how great the movie was, and about other movies...'twas fun:]

I had the best time I'd had in a long time last night. It will not be a night that I'll soon forget :]


 Ms. CLEAN!!!    2002-11-16 14:42:04 ET
I just pretty much finished cleaning house :] 'Cept for stuff of Loki's I don't know what to do with.

I made a new firedancing mix today in the hopes of motivating me to start practicing again (new pic in gallery)...I think it'll work. I got some Oingo Boingo, Consolidated, TKK, Lords of Acid, Snog, Ice Cube, Iggy Pop, ICP, Tumor, Corroding Concience home made comp would be complete without Vanilla Ice - Ice, Ice, Baby! ;] Awwwwww, yeah.

So I decided to clean up a bit today...since most of the mess is mine, anyway (I am a recovering slob). I kept procrastinating all day (ie. the comp, d/ling songs, mixing etc). I totally could have been over and done with the cottage hours ago. The best part is, until he reads this at least, Loki will think I slaved away for hours...but in reality, all I did was work on it for about a half hour. HAH! Go me! I love living in a tiny place sometimes ;b

Anyhow...time for food and nicotine :]

 };[    2002-11-15 13:27:47 ET

stupid job that pays my bills and stuff...dammit.

that is all...

 Wakey's PUPPY TIME!!!    2002-11-15 10:55:14 ET
So our puppy is being ultra "PET MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" this mornin...heh...she woke me up at, like, 11 by trying to steal my spot on the bed...while I was still in it. Lol...she doesn't have the nickname "stinker" for nuthin'.

Oh, hey...its a groggy loki...i go :P


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