WOOHOOOOOOOoOoOOoooOoOOOoo    2002-12-07 15:39:53 ET
Ok, so I'm working on holiday stuff...making little gift cards...and my finger went numb from the scissors...:P PHooey on my stupid finger.

Anyhow...We got a tree...it's a little teeny tree...no more than two feet tall...and it's fake...but it's CAUUUTE! And it even has presents under it...(some of which are actually WRAPPED ::ghasp::...which reminds me...I should take advantage of the fact that Loki's not home };])

Oooh, ooh! and it has TWINKLE LIGHTS! It is ALL about twinkle lights. I got blue, cuz they're neat. I would have gotten purple, but the only purple I could find is the kind that looks more pink...so we got blue...and der puuuurty...and Mel would be jealous, except I think she has her own twinkle lights. (Mel is a friend who is obsessed with blue).

...and we'll even put stockings up on xmas eve...just to be cheesy and stupid :] I get a kick out of this whole holiday season...I turn into a li'l kid...fun :]

ok...back to stuff.


 ::yawn::    2002-12-01 23:30:00 ET
Finished some stuff for da movie :] yay...got something to show the director tomorrow :] wewt and shit :P

Well...that's all the news on the western front...there's a movie at 11 or something :]


 Sneeze...or not    2002-12-01 09:15:36 ET
Still sick. Blech...I had an insanely long day yesturday. Worked from 5:15a - 1:45p...came home and crashed until 11. It was so wierd. I can't remember ever being that tired in my entire life. I seriously couldn't stay awake.

We got our groceries yesturday, too...DELIVERED! That was rad. Especially since we don't have a car. Safeway rocks. I miss webvan, though. They were cheaper. But that's okiez...prolly why they went under. :]

I got all my xmas shopping figured out. Not done...but figured out :P. Gonna do the budgeting later. N'stuff.


 Sleep    2002-11-29 21:08:43 ET
So I was really sleepy earlier, but I decided to eat something and now I'm awake...which blows, cuz I have to be at work at 5am. Yuck. But then I will have all day to rest after that...Gotta work on the movie stuff for a bit, but that shouldn't be too invasive...just making a hair piece for a beard...But it's all good. We don't start shooting for another two weeks, so I have time to work on it.

Watching Cirque Du Soleil on TV. I looked to see if it was still in town, but it's in Tuscon, now :[ Oh, well.

Ok...time for cold meds that will put me out :]

 Suck my nose    2002-11-29 14:06:08 ET
SO I'm sick. guh. I came home after being at work for an hour. Argh...

And usually being sick kills my appetite, but I'm STARVING...

Ugh....more cold alka seltzer stuff...yum

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