How's your caulk holding up?    2002-12-15 19:09:49 ET
So no more flooding...YAY!!! we will have TV again :]

I am very delirious atm. Went to bed at about 3am, as I'm really into the third book in the sleeping beauty trilogy by A.L. Raquelare (aka Anne Rice). It's good...n' like, this morning at 7, the director for the movie calls and is like, "It's not raining, we're shooting, PLEASe come...I tried to call you last night, but nobody picked up...pleeeeeeeeaaaaase, Shan?" SO I went...only to have the shoot rained out after two shots, and the actor I was doing makeup for didn't even get a chance to do his scenes. So it was pretty much a waste of time. Dammit.

Then I get to work and I'm all, "It's only four hours, you can do it." And someone calls in I have to stay until 8:30 instead of four. C'est la vie.

Anyhow, time for food :] Haven't eaten today, either.


 Rain, rain go AWAY!    2002-12-14 22:05:32 ET
SO our place flooded last night. We were able to contain it very well, thankfully, and get the water out with cups :P Loki caulked (sp?) the inside where the water was coming in, and the outside as well....We were supposed to have the heaviest rains of this storm today, and so far I am unimpressed...not that I'm thoroughly interested in seeing Mother Nature's power to it's full extent.

Yay...the prole song...

I really want some type of edible that's sweet...our house is barren of sweets :[

suck :[

 Hungry, hungry, we have no food...    2002-12-12 16:17:46 ET
We need to go shopping, bad...grrr...I wish I wasn't so broke. See, guys, having a job does you no still don't have any money :P

I'm trying to figure out if paying a bill on time is more important than buying food...cuz I could just save the money I have, and use half of my tips next week to pay for the bill, but I'll be stealing pastries from work and living off of top ramen...(which doesn't sound all that bad right now, btw....starrrrving!)


I could use the money I have right now and put it towards groceries, and then I won't starve to death.

Grrrrowl. Stupid recession thing... }:[


 P-Flag    2002-12-10 21:20:12 ET
So today was uber fun/undescribable...

I went to Fremont early to kick it with Starr a little before the P-Flag thing. We caught up, had coffee, smoked, and I had a blast hanging with her. I'm glad we hung has been too long, and I hope we do it again really soon...

After coffee and talkiez with Starr, Shawn and I went to the pflag thing. It turned out it was mainly a celebration for a production done by the kids at Newark Memorial High called "The Laramie Project". It was about hate crimes...and the friends and family of the transgender teen that was murdered in Newark recently were there. (For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, this...guy physically, was a transgender, and apparently made a really good looking lady. At a party, she got hit on by some peers who didn't know her story. When they found out, they took her out into a garage somewhere, beat her to death, and hung her from a beam in the ceiling. Then took her body 150 miles away and buried her). It wasn't what I expected. I'm filled with this want to help stop all this hate. One of the speakers there made a really good point: "Love begets love, hate begets hate". Now, I want to join P-Flag and try to help. I'm straight, but gay issues have always been something that perplexed me...the first time I heard the term "Faggot" I asked my mom what it meant, and she said that it was a mean name for someone who loves someone of the same sex...I asked her what was wrong with that, and she said nothing, but not everyone thinks that way, unfortunately.

They had a band play called The Essex...they're very Green Day sounding, but I like Green Day, so I don't have a problem with that :] They wrote a song about being differences and deticated it to the mom of the kid who was murdered. Fucking ridiculous. I have no idea what would motivate someone to do something like that. If it's not something you're into, that's fine, but you don't need to fucking kill someone over some broken pride. God...what the hell is wrong with people?? GRRRRR....I can't talk about this anymore or I'll just get even more frustrated....better to do something to try to prevent it then sit around and be bitter about things you can't change.

HEY! Stock options packet from work!....going, now :]

 Crampy, crampy, crampy....a SHORT entry    2002-12-10 10:11:01 ET
P-Flag is having a holiday dindinz tonight...i'm debating going...i'd love to see everyone, and it would be fun....ok, i'll go.

gotta go get mah tips0rz and show off the piznuppy :]

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