doobie doobie doooooo    2002-12-19 20:17:15 ET
Finally got some sleep today, and MAN that felt good.

Loki thinks he figured out for good why our place keeps leaking. There are some gaps in the outer wall, and it comes it through the hole where the phone line comes through. It's complicated to explain, but our phone plug hangs out of the wall by it's wires and behind it theres a hole about 3/4 of an inch in diameter...and the water comes in from there, leakes down behind the wood paneling and comes out on the hopefully once we seal these things, it will be all good, yo!! :]

I heard from an old friend today. He was an online friend from two or three years ago...I'd known him online since I was 14 (21, now). He sent a letter to my old address and it got fwd'd here. What a trip. It's funny, too, cuz he's an old fart, now, lol!

Anyhow. Cold is getting better. gunna have some green tea and go to soon as the sims finishes d/ling :D

Ok...gotta find more stuff to do :]

 PiZnuPieZ    2002-12-18 16:37:44 ET
So we're takin' our little stinker to get spayed tomorrow mornin'. I am nervous for her. I know she'll be fine, but I'm still nervous. I guess I'm being a neurotic "mom", but she's our li'l baby girl.

Stinker's "grams" on her "mum's" side is gonna help us take her to and from the vet, as we are car-less. I've just posted a pic of her in my gallery, if you want to see how utterly adorable she is :] ::goes into proud mom mode:: the workers sealed the corner that was leaking with tar, and are gonna futz with the rain gutters soon to see if that may also be contributing. If this doesn't work, we're gonna movie completely into the main house while the cottage is raised a few inches. So let's hope the tar works...I guess it'll be tested tomorrow night...there's sposed to be another huge three-day storm starting then.

In other news, i'm getting sick again. Too much going on at once gives Jynx colds :[ But Loki said i could d/l a sim game, so that makes it better! :]



 Semi-Akward moment..    2002-12-17 16:12:14 ET
I heard a lot of noise outside..I went to check it out, thinking it was the dogs...

It's dark, so I didn't wanna go behind the house, afraid I'd hurt myself, or get attacked by a homocidal maniac or something...out from behing my house comes a guy...there are three of them...they are working on the drainage thing...

scared the crap out of me...and then i had to tell him I thought that he was the dog for a minute :P

 Not raining...wewt! :]    2002-12-17 14:57:51 ET
So, hasn't rained and it hasn't flooded...but the guy hasn't been here to fix it, either. I guess he's waiting until after the storm passes.

The other room is comfy, though...with a dangerously comfy bed and stuff...

Stuff is good.

I'm still really drained from the whole experience. It really bothers me, cuz usually I snap back from stuff like that, but not this time...maybe I'm just getting old...that, and it's not over. The cottage is in total disarray and it sucks. Dammit...FIX MY HOUSE, SOMEONE!!!!! :[

 Stupid rain...    2002-12-16 10:55:34 ET
So we flooded...AGAIN. And it was totally worse, with a river going from the place where the water was coming in, to the front door. Grrr...

Our land lady is gonna let us stay in the main house until we get it fixed...she's having someone come out later on this afternoon. In the meantime, we're gonna move our precious items from the cottage into the little room. Hopefully they don't need me to move my bed, cuz I don't really have a place for it. (The room in the main house is furnished...And it's really cute, but I like the cottage better :P)

I felt sorry for Loki's friend, Big J. She had the worst day yesturday...someone stole her purse and was using her cards, so she was broke, and came over to borrow some gas mula and chill for a bit...but ended up mopping the water up.

I realised this morning at about 4am that I haven't really slept in three days. So I called in flooded and sleepy into work and everything is groovy, as I'm off tomorrow. Losing a good 8 hours at work, but I'll be alright, cuz the week of xmas I'm getting a full 30 hours.

Anyhow...better start moving stuff...not sure if what I heard was rain or wind.


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