So very ill.    2003-12-24 10:17:04 ET
I'm sick...again! Generally, I get sick only once a year...but this year was twice!! How is that fair? Grr.

Waylon and Danielle gave it to me, I gave it to my dad who gave it to my mom, who gave it back to me...and let me tell you...this sucker has mutated....ugh...MISERY, I tell you. mannequin head finally came in so I can begin the top secret hair competition...stuff...on her. YAY.

ooo...the room is getting very bright...i think it's time for a lay down...ooph.

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     2003-12-20 04:19:00 ET
my best friend is home from army boot camp for the holidays :]

I went out to dinner with her and her family last night.

i want to go bacl to bed. Stupif job :[

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     2003-12-14 08:52:27 ET
::dusts off computer::

I got one of them newfangled phones with cells in them...and, has this neat feature that connects me to the interwebby. And, uh...I have to stay within their network, mmk, so I havn't been using my computer. y'see

Yeah. Anyhow. I have the girl again. She is happily chomping away on a bone. Woohoo :]

Im so tired of having the apt. to myself. It was kinda neat at first but now, I'm like...Dude...I need some social interaction...

ok...the very boring end to a very boring entry is finally here.

     2003-12-08 08:15:49 ET
My girl was able to come over after all :] I don't have a car and would have had to walk from Loki's to my place, but it was POURING on saturday night...bah humbug...but I went over and got her yesturday afternoon while it wasn't raining...WOOT! It's a short stay, unfortunately, but at least I got to see her :]

I'm going to go get my knee fixed up at the chiropracter today. I can't wait to feel normal probably won't last long, however, because my shoes aren't the best as far as support goes. But maybe she'll have a good and cheap suggestion to help with that.

I had a wierd experience I was waiting for the bus to go pick up Ashby, everything became kind of dreamlike. Like I was watching everything from outside of myself. Then the question came...the question that I thought I had the answer to: Who am I? What is my purpose? What the hell? I have all that shit figured out.

Mom's here...wppt for kneww fixin!

     2003-12-07 17:07:48 ET

*warning - not ok to view if you're at work*

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