2003-11-29 06:18:44 ET
Updating at work....mmmm the treachery. I'm such a rebel!!

I cleaned almost the entire salon last night because there was nothing else to do...so now i get to goof off for another 15 minutes before actually doing anything productive...How exciting! :]

doooooopity doo...Red Elvises tonight...I'm going with a friend of a friend named Sean...I think he wants to get into my pants. But, hey, if it means I can see the Red Elvises on his ticket, then awesome...he's still not getting in my pants, though...

Silly men.

Anyhow...Uhm...yeah...WORK! :P

     2003-11-29 05:07:26 ET
ugh....it's my friday already...and I get to leave work EARLY! WOOO! *exciting*

I have no idea what to wear, though...it has to be something nice that I can go to the show in...but also something warm enough to survive the christmas train of lights in....cuz that can get cooooooooold ::brrr::

A bunch of the letters I sent my best friend in boot camp are coming back because she got shipped to basic and aren't fwding her mail. Damn bastards...so she hasn't heard from me since the beginning of Nov...and I've written her pretty much two-three letters a week....jerks.

Well...time for that think I call work, I suppose...

 Happy Thanksgiving    2003-11-27 20:50:39 ET
I usually like to list off what I'm thankful for on thanksgiving....however, this year I am simply not in the mood.

I'm really bummed out today...I came home from a semi-ok thanksgiving (the people whose house we went to were grumpy, as they got up before the sun to start the turkey just to find out that they had bought a spoiled one) to an empty apartment....and a generally empty feeling (and I know it wasn't hunger, as I consumed more than my share of turkey).

Bah humbug....no holiday cheer from this little elf this year. Not even in the mood, dude.

If I don't stop rhyming I'm going to have to change my timing...

...and speaking of timing: time for my raincloud and I to go to bed.

     2003-11-24 20:11:22 ET
soo....cold....took ashby out for a walk and MAN...20 minutes and i'm frozen through....ready to curl up into bed...

hooray for tom waits :]

     2003-11-23 08:08:44 ET
So much sicker than yesturday....cold has moved to my sinuses and it hurts like a mofo. Poor piznuppy will be bored today :[ I do have to take her to go get food at some point.

ugh....shoot me someone, please....

but I am filled with warm fuzzies because my girl is happy to be here. I woke up this morning, and she was staring at me...and when I stirred, she attacked me with love and kisses.

She snored last night, too...which was uber cute.

ok....back to bed with me...warm fuzzy cuddles for the girl :]
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