Mush    2003-12-03 18:42:26 ET
I used to hate my haircutting class...well...not hate it, but would rather go home than go to class... I dont mind it. In fact, I have a lot of fun. Every model that leaves my chair at the end of the night is happy. It's the biggest ego boost I've ever's not about how pretty people think I am...or how tall...or how cool my hair is, or even how cool *I* am. It's purely about my talent to carry out the haircut that the model wants...and to do it successfully and exceed any expectations the model, myself, or my teacher may have is the best high. In a time when my self esteem is low, my moods are ranging and my world is a tough one to live in emotionally, that ego boost at least twice a week is just the best thing ever. also helps that Peter (my boss) is the best, kindest, most nurturing teacher I've ever had. Not to say that Edwin and Marilyn aren't spectacular teachers as well...but there's something about the way that Peter teaches that makes the class more pleasant. I suppose it could be the accent (he's from the UK).

I am trully thankful for the salon, the training program I'm involved with, and all the people I've met along the way. Even if I don't become a million dollar movie makeup artist...and even if something horrible happens, and I end up having to change career paths again, this, although it's not over, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Anyhow...uhm. I suppose I should get myself something to

 Hrm...    2003-12-02 21:40:41 ET
I got home today and my roomates are gone. They moved out. I knew this was happening, of course, but I didn't expect it to happen tonight...They will be back this weekend for the rest of their things...but, man...what a thing to come home to.

I are scareded. I've never lived by myself before and I will be, now, for a little over a month...ugh...

I have this nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach, now...God dammit.

Stuff overload....too many things going on :[

 P.S.    2003-12-01 09:21:25 ET
Paying Bills is painful :[

 I'm Dancin' like a monkey!!!    2003-12-01 08:07:28 ET

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     2003-11-29 23:43:54 ET
Red Elvises were cool...I would have liked to catch the Phenomenauts, but I wouldn't have made it in time even if my ride wasn't late.

off to bed with my grumpy old self.

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