Dear God:    2004-02-26 18:48:29 ET
Does the fun ever end?

 slug    2004-02-17 19:51:44 ET sleepy...

Bumming a cigarette off of your teacher is akward. I told her i wouldn't normally ask but that i was desperate...being a fellow smoker, i thought she'd been there before...she was really friendly about it, but thought it humorous that i used the word "desperate" and called me a drug addict :P ::lowers head:: I know it's true...I am full of shame.

::puffs on cigarette before continuing::

I went with my mom to go visit my dad at his job after class today...and he did something that shocked me. He asked me to show off my tattoo to his manager. My conservative but very tolerant papa has dealt with many of my self mutilations in the past, multiple ear piercings, my lip, my other, much smaller tattoo, my strange hair colors...but I knew he never really approved. I was flattered that he wanted to show off my latest. It gave me warm fuzzies to have him ask me to show it off. I don't think he approves, still, but he's accepted it...accepted that his daughter is not a normal egg, and loves me all the more for my courage to be myself. I love my papa :]

Now that you are all nauseated, I am going to go lounge around until my prince charming arrives :]

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 relax?    2004-02-16 05:30:51 ET
So I woke up this morning...before my alarm...and now I have nothing to do for a half hour...I suppose I could leave early for work...


I am hungry...I am out of smokes...I am up earlier than I need to be, and it's pouring outside...dammit.

my morning is not starting off well :P

But...the nazi is booked today at work, so hopefully she won't have time to bitch at me for anything...and if she does, i will say something for once...cuz this shit is getting *old*.

I cannot wait until 7pm...quittin' time.

aight. must go in search of food

 What a wonderful pain :]    2004-01-26 10:30:39 ET
I got my arm started. It's really exciting because the artist is totally excited about it. It's his fav. "project" he's got going. IT LOOKS SO FREAKIN AWESOME AND IT"S NOT EVEN HALF WAY DONE, YET!!!! It gets more beautiful the more I look at it.

I will post pics later...maybe if I can get a certain *someone* to take pics with his brand spankin' new digital camera, I can post them tonight ::wink wink, nudge nudge::

let me tell haven't felt pain until you've had someone tattoo on your funny bone...oh my god. My arm is still mad at me.

 Stolen from TheKilted    2004-01-23 08:56:44 ET
10 years ago I...
a) was almost a teenager
b) didn't wear black
c) would never have picked up a cigarette or a drink
d) was really bored...all of the time.
e) Started getting interested in tarot and astrology

5 years ago I...
a) got my first tattoo
b) got my toungue pierced
c) started to realize just how much I appreciate my parents
d) started going to clubs
e) was going out with a tattooed muscian freak named Angel

1 year ago I...
a) was working a dead end retail job
b) started doing movie makeup for Waylon's movies
c) decided I seriously needed to get started on the "career path"
d) enrolled in beauty school
e) started to become a hermit

Yesterday I...
a) stayed home sick from work
b) got the return to castle wolfenstien
c) became completely addicted to said game
d) hung out with my roomate for most of the day
e) saw my wonderful boyfriend

Today I...
a) stayed home sick from work
b) am really friggin cold
c) played aforementioned addictive game
d) will see my wonderful boyfriend and the girl
e) will sleep a lot

Tomorrow I...
a) go back to work...dammit
b) go see babyland after work
c) will *not* get drunk, as I have to get a tattoo the next day
d) will go to the laundromat for work
e) will buy cigarettes

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