Dear God:    2004-03-26 06:28:04 ET
Why did you invent Tequila?

 ::dusts off the cobwebs::    2004-03-22 18:36:49 ET
I finally have the internet again...YAYAYAY!! :]

I also just bought groceries and cooked the fourth square meal I've ever cooked. Jack Daniels' Steak, potato salad and green beans. Oh, yeah...I am totally stuffed, oh my god.

Now, I gotta lay down...soooooooo sleeeepy....
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     2004-03-15 14:25:18 ET
March 15, 2004

Well, now that the first night at the new place is over…I would really like to set up my phone line. But I can’t find the jack :[

Max the cat likes to sit on my desk and try to get me to pet him while I’m typing. Uh oh, he’s decided that my flying piggy is interesting.

Ah, well…better get started with all this crap I gotta do today :P

     2004-03-15 14:24:46 ET
March 15, 2004

I really miss my online right now :[ Not even dial up…as a matter of fact, I can’t even find our phone jack :P

We made awesome progress today. Both of our rooms are pretty much put together except for some odds and ends here and there.

I miss our old apartment. I want to be there right now :[ But with a better bathroom. Dammit.

The bathroom at this place is really awesome, and CLEAN. I just broke in the shower, and it was loverly not to worry about what sort of fungus I could be acquiring by setting foot in the bathroom naked…but…who the hell puts WHITE tile on the bathroom floor? We haven’t even been moved in for a full 24 hours and our bathroom floor is already grey.

You know when you move into a new place…or even when you just clean your room, and when you finally have everything put away and cleaned up, you sit and bask in the glorious transformation of your place…and you’re pleased with the job you’ve done…and you vow…to put things where they belong…to pick up once a week…to make sure the place stays nice…and then you realize that last time you cleaned, you made the same vow, only to have the place looking like a bachelor pad not long after.

The other nice thing about this place is that when something breaks or doesn’t go the way you’d like…the landlady is not intimidating at all…and, in fact, is very sweet.

Anyhow…I want to continue to admire the arrangement of my room, but I am dead tired and need SLEEEEP.

 Moving day    2004-03-14 06:32:33 ET
The Dresden Dolls have officially grown on me...I am completely addicted...must acquire more :P

Gotta move shit.

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