2004-03-13 06:20:33 ET
Moving tomorrow...kind of excited...hope we get everything moved in one day...that would be nice. I think it's a little too optimistic, though, as we're not even done packing.

The cat keeps trying to eat my feet...dammit...silly little gremlin.

Having a nearly empty room is very strange...the walls seem to watch you, and everything sounds different. I can't wait to get out of here and can put my room back together.

aight....must go to work...busy day ahead of me...which is awesome cuz it should go by really fast.

 Stolen from Femmorpheus    2004-03-09 19:56:30 ET

You're a Toxic Workaholic Squirrel.

Which Toxic Squirrel Are You?
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 Wallowing in self pity    2004-03-08 06:08:43 ET
Have you ever woken up in the morning, starving and wanting something - anything to eat...and then realized you have no food? and no money to get food?

yeah...it sucks.

 Re-vamp    2004-03-07 10:18:57 ET
My skin is flaking off in colors, now, haha. Nothing like going to rub your arm and having flakes of blue and orange come off on your hand :P

Does anyone out there have an oily scalp in the bay area? I need a model for a scalp treatment class this thursday from 5-7 pm.

i had a bizarre dream last night about being stalked. It was very strange. All my friends came over to protect me. The guy was sitting outside on my porch watching me through the windows. creepy, creepy.

 since when did I stop turning into a pumpkin?    2004-02-29 00:51:15 ET
It is way past my bedtime, and I just got home from an awesometacular night at Body Rapture. I got two free drinks from friends, and was offered another two (by lechy old men), which I did *not* accept. All of the djs had good sets tonight and my only complaint is that I was not able to dance more...But...I came home with one dollar less than I left with, so all is not lost :]

I am very drunk right now and need to get my ass to bed...so I think I'll do that. Good night, world.

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