2003-04-20 09:36:17 ET
So I went to my best friend's going away party last night. It was fun. On the way home, Nes and I put on Switchblade Symphony and it really brought back a *ton* of memories. We sat around and talked about this friend we had way back in the day. We decided upon calling her tomorrow afternoon. I'm not really sure about the whole thing, but I know Nes wants to talk to her before she leaves....Oh, and she said something interesting last night which makes me wonder if she's not thinking about staying. She said that she hasn't signed the final contract, yet. She said she won't sign that until she gets there. ::shrugs:: could be cold feet talking, but you never know.

Anyhow. I gotta boogey and get ready for dinner with my parents tonight. yum....ham and scalloped topatos. YUM :]

     2003-04-18 22:10:23 ET
HOOAH! yeah, n'stuff.

Just got home after not being here for two days...that doesn't happen much, anymore.

Spent the night at my parents house last night so I could get up early and go shoppinz wit mah mama. She bought me a book when we went to Borders as an early bd present :] YAY! It's The Vahina Monologues by Eva Ensler. I haven't got past the intro, yet, but it's sposed to be good, so I am juiced :]

Then it was a Rocky reunion. Oh, boy. I didn't really remember that many people, but it was still fun. HOORAY for old times.

Whelp...time for Junkbot :]

     2003-04-16 13:30:22 ET
DOOOOOOOOOO..so it's movie time...time for more movie stuff for the original film...AND IT"S RAINING! but that's ok, cuz the stuff we have to do is all indoors :] Just more molds and shit like that...YAY....kinda...

Anyhow...found out something disturbing today...But a tad bit of background first:

My babysitter when I was a wee-one was married to this jerk, with whom she had three kids. Then something just snapped in his brain and he started cheating on her, and hitting the kids (myself included). So she divorced him.

Anyhow, she is now happily remarried, and the other kids are all on their own except for one, who somehow ended up living with his asshole of a father, and has run away from him...in the dead of night, in his stockinged feet and no coat.

::sighs:: Why does our govt. feel that a child should be with the wrong biological parent?? Thankfully he'll be 18 in a week or two and will be able to tell his father to go fuck himself. The dad better beware of me, though...I hope I never see this man again, as I have so much pent up anger towards this man, I can't even tell you.

Anyhow...soooooo livid, atm....gotta go throw water ballons at fools...

     2003-04-15 11:53:35 ET
So much fun was had yesturday, I thought my head would explode.

In the early afternoon, I went to go sign my tax papers at my mom's place, and hung out with her for a bit. As I was on my way walking from the bart station to my parents house I realized just how hard it is to walk and listen to super good music at the same time...If I could have danced my way to my parent's without tripping over my two left feet, I would have.

After we mailed off my taxes, I met up with Danielle, Waylon and my hunny bunny to go eat massive amounts of chicken boob and topato salad....mmmmmm...and, ofcourse, there were cupcakes to be had as well :]

The stars must have been aligned just right, because I had the BEST TIME EVER AT DG!!!! I had such a blast dancing (even though I had no stamina due to lack of practice and corset). I had two Tokyo Ice Teas, and boy, was I toasty. That was superfun.

We went to the Baghdad Cafe after that, and had splendiforous food, and great company with these two guys Dylan met named Matia and Alex. Then we headed home, and I passed the fuck out...yum sleep...

I now have the icky "day after club" feeling, and am severely in need of a shower.

But, on the better side of this morning, I was woken up by the phone ringing, and Dylan picked it up....It was my friend Eric that had disappeared. He has now reappeared, and we're gonna try to hang out soon. WOOHOOO!!!

 worried...    2003-04-13 18:34:27 ET
Ashby barfed again...poor thing. We called a local emergency vet, and they said that if we didn't feel that it was necesary to bring her in right away, to definately not feed her for 24 hours, but that it's highly reccomended that we bring her in tomorrow at the latest. Although, if she barfs again, we're gonna take her in tonight.

Anyhow...gonna have some coffee and wait.

On a lighter note, I am preparing for a picnic tomorrow with my honey, and our friends Waylon and Danielle. I am broiling chicken tonight, and we will have cold boneless/skinless chicken boob marinated in lemon pepper sauce, basil, oregano, and garlic powder. yum...it smells delish. Also served will be topato or macaroni salad, juice...and maybe I will get some cupcakes tomorrow :] Y to the U to the M :]

...and then...

Death Guilding will be had!!! yay! For real this time...and Danielle and Waylon are going, and the lovely Jamie might join us, as well. Watch out, guys, this lady is beautiful, hilarious, and just plain awesome! WEWT! :]

::bounces:: tomorrow will be absolutely fabulous. I will not leave the dance floor unless it's to get a drink.

Ok...time for the preheating of the oven :]

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