Piznuppy barf :[    2003-04-13 12:37:43 ET
The stinker is sick, poor lady. She's been barfin' a lot today, and probably dry-heaving the last couple times....She will not be out of my sight for the rest of the day...poor thing

Starrlavixen's bday last night: much fun was had. My only regret is that I couldn't stay longer. (Pic of me in the bday girl newly posted in my gallery of people I constantly bug).

I did some analyzation on my bowie dream, and it occured to me that there were a lot of similarities between bowie and loki. "Maybe" is something loki says to me all the time when I ask him about stuff...and the kiss its self was exactly like a kiss I would receive from loki (toungue piercing and all). So it's obvious to me that Bowie represented loki in my dream...I'm just trying to figure out what all the rest of the symbolism meant.

So that's my story....

 Frustrated...    2003-04-12 16:09:00 ET
So I tried calling my friend Eric about a week ago...his number has been disconnected :[ Anyhow, so my alarm on my old celphone goes off reminding me about someone that hangs out with Eric named Deanne...I guess it's her bday today, too...or at least soon. So I try calling her, and the number that she plugged into my phone connects to a fax machine. I don't know if she put it in wrong or anything, though, cuz I never called her before :P

Anyhow, so another chick that hangs out at that Starbucks, too also has a number that's been disconnected...I suppose it's my fault, but I wanted to go out there and see them all this week while I'm off, but I don't want to waste my time, if nobody will be there that day.

so thats my story.

     2003-04-12 08:16:47 ET
shoot me

 omg...best dream ever...    2003-04-11 07:21:55 ET
So I just woke up from the best dream a girl (and some boys, too, I guess) could have.

I dreampt that I was living on a farm with my mom, and some wierd guy...and the only reason I wasn't on my own was because my dad was dead, and she needed me around so we could try to salvage the farm. Anyhow, in the midst of this, I am still a whopping bowie fan. Posters, videos, shirts, every single album ever made, in cd format and original record format, every biography ever written, every magazine with his picture on it that I could find.

Anyway, there are chickens and cows and stuff running around the farm. Meantime, I'm in my room listening to Bowie, and staring at the ceiling.

All of a sudden, breezing through the doors, in walks Mr. Bowie, himself...yum...anyway, we start talking or whatever, and as we do, he keeps on picking up random bowie paraphenalia and getting nostalgic.

He pulls out an album in my collection called "symbols" (which doesn't exist IRL), and starts telling me that everything in this album is symbolic of him, personally. "For example," he says in his beautiful accent, and his ever-so-sexy voice, "Do you see this photograph, here? This is symbolic of what kind of blokes I liked. Can you tell?" And he sits down on the bed next to me, so very next to me I can feel his body heat.

I look at the photograph in the album cover, and it's a picture of the side of a skyscraper. The features of the building are slightly cartoony, and there are jewels and pearls all over it, and I say "Well the building symbolizes strength, you like strong men, that are well rounded, and pretty." And he says to me, "Maybe" And then plants one right on my kisser...oh, yum....So here I am, in my dream...making out with him, and if it has any sort of accuracy, which I doubt, then he has his toungue pierced.

Anyways... i woke up from that dream to my alarm...but as I was getting ready to sign in on SK and write about my dream, to shake the sleepies off, work called and said not to be in until noon. YAY! Going back to bed :P

     2003-04-10 09:03:26 ET
So my friend, Brian, who is a certified adobe expert, is going to give me some lessons in Illustrator...haha! I will finally unlock the door into the program that I never really learned. Photoshop is a breeze, however, I never figured out how to use illustrator.

I have one more thing to check out before I decide on an apprenticeship program. Then when that's done, and I'm licensed and working in a salon, I can finally go to school for movie makeup.

You know, as much as I say, "I don't want to work for big hollywood productions, just independant films" I don't think that's true. But the only reason I'd wanna work on big productions is A: pay, and B: Meeting the stars. lol, I'm lame, I know...we'll just see where that road heads, I guess.

Loki is the bestest, sweetest, most wonderfulest guy in the whole world. Just cuz.

Ok...time for phone calls :P

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