2003-04-09 19:33:45 ET
Ahh, springy evenings. When there's a slight chill, but it's still warm enough to go out without a sweater.

Anyhow, I had a bizarre dream, which I remember now...I had a dream that all my friends and I were in HS. Except, we all wore hip-huggers and pink shirts and thongs...Loki was a popular guy, and I was a popular girl...and I had the biggest crush on him, but we were both too scared to say anything about it. Then a couple years later, I finally caught up with my friend, Eric is MIA (meaning his phone's disconnected, and I have no other way of getting ahold of him). Anyhow, he told me a story about how he almost killed someone, and has been hiding, or something....Anyway, I woke up with Salterello by Dead Can Dance stuck in my head.

Today, much slacking was had...and napps...I've been asleep since about 4:30 or so, and woke up at about nine.

Tonight is the perfect night to go driving with a friend and blast music and gossip and laugh...Probably because that's what Eric and I would do. We mainly hung out in the springtime.

So I'm going to turn up my music, open up my windows, turn my fan on, close my eyes and sing along.

o/~ So FREEEE for the moment...lost somewhere between the earth and the sky...so free for the moment, lost because I want to be lost........ o/~ rock on, Martini's :P

     2003-04-08 07:41:53 ET
I ate the remainder of my nipples last night. I wish I had saved some, but I couldn't resist their buttery richness....yum...I will make more, soon.

So my vacation starts this sunday...I'm so excited...the only thing I'm kind of upset about is that my new makeup job starts next thurs...dammit. MY VACATION!!! :[ grrr. I had to fight off Waylon and tell him that I absolutely would not do anything for the movie that week, as I'm already doing something for someone else's movie, and it's my friggin vacation...you want my vacation time?? Pay me. :P It's ok, though...this director is one of the actors from John Doe. Very sweet guy, and it'll be fun...I just didn't want to do anything next week but fun stuff.

I'm excited, though...My good friend Danielle #1, Waylon, Loki and I are gonna go for a picnic and eat cheese and maybe drink some honeywine...it will be good...fun will be had...and we will go to DG afterwards...and I'm so looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I obstained from smoking last night, and am super grumpy...so I'm gonna go have a smoke and cheer the fuck up :P
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     2003-04-07 20:19:22 ET
No DG tonight. I wanted to go see my melabelanie, but I just dont have the energy to go all the way out to the city and A: spange for a ride home or B: wait until 4:30a for bartfart...

Anyhow, had fun today...although shopping was unfruitful...oh, well...haha...

Welp...that's all to be had...n'stuff

 YAY!!    2003-04-06 12:06:51 ET
My nipples are a success!! I'm so glad I did it! :]

For those of you who don't know:
I went to an aphrodesiac class hosted by my local occult store a few months back. In the hand-out that was given, there was a recipe for something called "Pele's Nipples", and a sample of them were brought to the class, as well. They are very scrumptious. The ingredients are very simple: Raw, unsalted Macadamia nuts, honey, and hawaiian salt. Unfortunately, I was unable to obtain Hawaiian salt, so I used regular table salt, which works just fine, although they don't taste the same. But they are still delicious.

Anyhow, the moral of the story: I will be sending these out in a care package to my friend Elisserspits tomorrow, and made plenty, so I will have some left over (HOORAY! I GET NIPPLES!!). If I make it out to DG on monday night, I may bring some with me (so all you curious kiddies can taste the wonderfullness that is "Pele's Nipples")...we shall see if there are any left by that time :P

Ok...time for a shower :]

     2003-04-06 11:00:57 ET
oh my GOD, i slept well last night...cept I remember not knowing that Loki's head was on my shoulder, in my "wake up, go back to sleep" phase, and i threw my arm over my eyes and clocked him a good one, right in the kisser. He says he doesn't remember though...haha...probably a good thing :P

Gonna make me some nuts today...yay...

uhm...nothing really interesting to report, i guess...OO! I lied! I got another makeup-artist job. Yay! Again, it's for student film, and will be unpaid, but it's another thing to put on my resume :]

Anyhow...just finished up my coffee cake...so time for smoke and coffee :]

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