2003-04-04 15:42:37 ET
Phew...today just dragged butt. It was soooo slow all day, I thought my head would explode. When five o'clock came, I was so excited! haha...

Anyhow, midterms due for film tonight. I'm so rad I got them done last night...Loki and his friend, who's also in the class, are both cramming to get it done in time for class. I think that's slightly amusing, although I know I would receive many smacks if I said so to them :P

On my lunch break, I went and bought fixin's for Pele's Nipples, including (Like anyone cares, but I'm posting it anyway):

6 packets of raw, unsalted macadamia nuts (1/2 cup in each bag)
2 cookie sheets (I had to buy the disposables in a two-pack, cuz the real ones were nearly $20...for ONE)
1 mixing bowl (which I've been dying for...haha!)

Andronicos rocks my world. They have a whole section on just cookware, including professional grade stuff...I drooled over the stuff I want but can't afford, and just bought the essentials...(I suppose the mixing bowl wasn't entirely essential, but it's stainless steel, and we do need one).

All this talk about snacks has made me hungry...dammit...will eat after class...muwahaha...fudd.

I have a date with my parents and the tax man tomorrow. I hope I get a ton of money back...

anyhow, gonna help loki with midterm stuff :]

 Who said thunder was ok???    2003-04-04 00:13:56 ET
So at a time where we are at war, and there is another country that has nukes, and there's a lot of tension in the world...THUNDER IS NOT COOL!!! It was so loud it shook the cottage, and Loki and I thought we were being bombed for a minute.

The amusing thing: We were more freaked out than Ashby, and usually dogs are the scared ones in storms :P

I can truthfully say that I am now awake.

     2003-04-03 11:50:18 ET
YAY DAVID BOWIE!!!! haha...listening to Modern Love...this song rocks my world today.,..

I'm excited because I get to work with my favorite barista tonight...YAYAY!!! haha...too bad it's not my fav. sup., too...I like her, but she's not my fav.

Anyhow, I put my fringe on today...it looks ok...I should curl it in to make it look more natural...I have time, so i might.

I had to repierce my toungue today...left my toungue swollen and all hurty...but it's ok, cuz I got it through and dont have to get it professionally repierced :]

Ok...time for work :P

     2003-04-01 20:26:35 ET
Today was a day of spilling. I spilt mocha, water, my drink, frappacino mix...jeebus...I'm surprised we got out of there as fast as we did, seeing as I was spilling things left and right.

Anyhow...better go watch this movie for film class, before it gets really late. Got a busy day tomorrow...class in the am...work for three hours (as a favor to a coworker for covering hell of my shifts), and then back to school for the remainder of the evening...but that's ok...cuz I HAVE AN ENTIRE WEEK OFF IN A WEEK AND A HALF!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Who wants to party?


     2003-04-01 09:38:00 ET
mmm...potent Indian incense. Our house smells like a magick shop....I'm so excited...haha! I have to give some of this stuff to my mom, cuz she'll love it, too :]

anyway...thats it for now :]

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