2003-03-30 10:05:14 ET
aiight. Yesturday was a blast. It was my best friend's bday, and we went to this place called "Todai's" out in pleasenton. Omg. GOOD FUGGIN FEWD! It's a Japanese all-you-can-eat buffet style place. Sushi, warm food, deserts...yum with a capitol Y. We had creme broulet for desert. mmmm...that stuff is the best. I need to learn how to make it.

Afterwards, we came back to my house and watched movies. It was fun. But the rest of the time, when it was just me and nes, it was awesome. Nes has been changing again. But instead of changing into this alien person I dont know, like she did in the past, she's changed back into herself. I knew it would happen someday when she grew up...but she's back...my best friend is back :] But she's leaving soon. Damn her. She's fired. But she'll be back...and if she gets stationed in Hawaii, she's gonna fly me there to visit...*that* would be fun...we would tear the island up, haha...well...not literally...maybe we'd paint it red, instead...anyhow, it would be hella fun, and I KNOW she'd take me to the polynesian cultural center, cuz she knows how fascinated I am with her culture.

Anyhow...wow...I'm really excited that "she's back" haha! I hope it doesn't change again...she was even annoyed by her boyfriend playing rap in the car...she used to be all like "dude! This shit is tight!" and now she's all "God, Will, do we have to listen to this stuff? It's really not my thing." ::yay::

Well...I gotta go email someone, i just remembered...so uh...yah

     2003-03-29 10:38:45 ET
So the router died...or something. Cuz my computer no longer has the internet. Which is very frustrating, as Loki is on his computer toup la temps.

Gonna relax today...fix my "hippie" skirt, get my burgundy hair in...and friggin re-fuggin-lax. Yesturday was rough. I wasn't able to sleep, then I had work from 10:3-5, and right after that, class. Sux0rz. A day of complaining, a day of annoying myself and my coworkers...almost getting in an argument with one of them because of my "negative attitude".

grrr...stupid hippie...

Anyhow...it's over and done with...I have to learn how to let stuff go. I am a very negative person, and that never used to be so. What happened to make me so grumpy all the time?

Well, time to start the day (at nearly 1pm, god that's divine)

     2003-03-27 10:29:49 ET
feeling much better, but still icky...my back still hurts, but ill live.

repaired my hair from the "pillow-dred syndrome", haha.

i guess i have nothing to say after all :P

 1st night back in action    2003-03-26 19:49:37 ET
Well, I skipped my day classes, which I shouldn't have, but I wasn't sure if I was ready for a full day back in the swing, after being so sick. I did go to my night class, though...Which makes me glad that I didn't go this afternoon, as I'm so tired just from one class. Ugh...Tomorrow will be the true test, though, as I have a full 8 hour shift at work...::prays for a slow night::

Anyhow, I realized how much crap I have to do to catch up, which sucks...luckily, I'm hoping to be going to beauty school next spring, so my GPA doesn't matter much...just deferring loans and living off the govt. while learning useful things. I guess that's what helps me keep things in perspective and not freak out so much over school. I know it won't matter much in the end, so I don't really need to worry.

I've decided for sure that I really want to quit smoking, and brought it up to my doctor. He said it's like the joke: "How many psychiatrists does it take to screw in a light bulb - - Just one, but the light bulb has to be ready to change." So now, I need to prepare myself...think about it day by day, and when I'm ready, I need to set a date. At that point, I can see my doctor to get patches/pills that will help decrease my cravings. As for right now, I'm cutting back. Atm, I'm sick, and that helps with the cravings, but we also stopped smoking in the house, which helps - A LOT.

Whelp...I better get to some of this HW I've been procrastinating on.

     2003-03-25 21:22:17 ET
made bagel-bites...got dizzy...need smokes...goin' to store...guh...

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