2003-03-25 09:10:56 ET
ugh....crap. gotta work a lovely 8 hour shift tonight....wonderful. I would call in, but then I'd have to go to thje doc. and I can't afford it. $15 copay is a lot of money when you don't have it.

Ok...thats all...

 will the coughing ever stop?    2003-03-24 19:07:11 ET
Oh my god....the coughing...the weezing...the self loathing for being a smoker...ok, not really self loathing...more like, "Dammut!"

hot then cold then hot again....debating calling in now for work tomorrow...but who knows, I could be as fit as a whistle in the morning...maybe it would have more impact if i told loki to tell them that i lost voice or something, and have him call them.

sp delerious...but, i got my hair in the mail...and my book for class, so i have all my books, now, for the computer class....

Ashby ate a bunch of my bubber randies yesturday...she seems to be fine, though, albeit a little concerned about me....haha, she won't let me out of her site...and every time i wake up, she hella watches me. Sweet piznuppy head.

ok...i go wait by phone to be called back re: miso soup.

 guh    2003-03-23 20:45:34 ET
[ mood | sick ]

So I'm friggin' sick again...god fuggin' dammut!! :[ But this time it's a cold...a cold that was induced by A: dust or B: a friend being sick...regardless, I am sick...and have left an email for my ASL teacher...and am praying not to be dropped...I feel like total crap...grrrr...

On another note, I got my hair done. I still dont have the hair I ordered, but I got the black in, anyway...and will add the other when it comes. I used a different method that didn't hurt as much...although, my head hurts right now, anyway, cuz of the cold, and added weight....grrr


 addendum    2003-03-21 22:14:34 ET
oh, yeah...and my hair *still* isn't here

 A beautiful end to a beautiful day...    2003-03-21 22:01:22 ET
So I woke up in a horrid mood due to wierd dreams...woke up groggy and drained, and headed to work to deal with a shitload of rude people, and to end my work day, preparing 15 drinks, including 13 frappuccinos for these two dudes who come in once a week and order $40 worth of drinks.

Went and dropped off my specimen sample at the lab, and walked the mile from there home...

Went to class and was bombarded with war-talk, and even watched a war movie from the first gulf war, as told from an alien's perspective...

By the time we were done with that, all I wanted to do was eat food and go the fuck home already...

After we drove up to telegraph and got food, we decided to go into the tower records across the street. Post DVD purchase, we headed outside for one more smoke before we got into a non-smoking car. There were these people having a fight coming upstairs from the basement of the record store (a pizza place called La Val's). A girl and a guy were arguing, and when the girl's guy friend stood up for her, the guy who was arguing hella opened a can, and socked the guy in the face, once, twice, knocking him to the ground, where he slid across the asphault, then ran around and kicked him in the head so hard I could hear the smack, talked some more shit to the chick, and ran off...we offered to call the guy an ambulance, but he refused and stumbled off with the girl, leaving behind some moderately sized spatterings of blood.

WHY THE FUCK IS THERE SO MUCH FUCKING HATE IN THIS GOD DAMN WORLD!?! GRRR...i'm ready to throw down....I can handle having guns pointed in my face by twelve cops, but this...this is hard to handle. Seeing violence like that up close, to someone who comes from a pretty sheltered background, is traumatizing...what the fuck, dude...

like i said...a perfect end to a fucking perfect day.

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