2003-03-18 12:11:17 ET
ugh...so I called in sick to work five minutes AFTER I was supposed to be there. Poor guys...I feel terrible about it...and it was the cool supervisor tonight, too...but there's nothing I could do...I couldn't even make it to work. I go to the bus stop and sat there for five min. before I had to run to the nearest public bathroom I knew of, a block away. So I went home and called in...started crying, and she understood, and told me to go see my doctor...

The highlight of my day so far: Calling the doctor's office took, like...two minutes. The phone number connects with a REAL LIVE person, and she took down my info. and set up an appt. for this evening...seriously, dudes...Alta Bates rocks my world right now. My wonderful mom is going to drive all the way up here (during commute time) to take me to the doctor, cuz I don't think I can make it via public transportation...

Oh, noo....here we go again...it's starting over. First with slight stomach cramps...then severe stomach cramps...then running...and more misery...::whines and prays for painkillers or something from the doctor::

     2003-03-18 10:33:17 ET
Way too many friggin' people...

I didnt even bother going inside last night. But all missions were accomplished...even though they were just BARELY accomplished. I got to see my Starr, my Mel, tom, ed, a ton of others, I'm sure I'll leave out...and...MY ELISSERSPITS!!!!!!!! YEAH! It was so superawesome to see that lady. She moved away, and came back to visit...She's here til thurs, but I'm so busy the next two days, I'm sure I wont get a chance to see her again.

Anyhow...my tumbly has EXPLODED... I had gas yesturday...and now it's back to running to the toilet and hoping my colon doesn't jump out of my rear, cuz damn, that's what it feels like. My stupid store manager instated a "no sick-calls less than two hours before your shift" rule., and I just woke up...and I have to be at work in an hour and a half. Fuckers ::prays it's the coolest shift supervisor ever who will let me take it easy and stuff::

Well...time for other stuff that doesn't revolve around my tumbly :[

     2003-03-17 15:31:31 ET
I have gas...but hopefully it'll go away by tonight...'tis painful

Anyhow, I got a GREEEN plaid skirt...cuz i have a plan...i bought two other things, too, but they don't fit...i'm a dork, and didn't try them on first...anyone interested in a ladie's fitted black buttonup over-shirt and a ladies fitted SILK button up shirt?? I will sell them for a dollar each...the silk one is a size ten, and the black one is a size 7. If not, they will go into my "to take to mars/buffalo exchange" bag.

Well, Diana will be here shortly, so I better jet :] HOORAH!

n;stuf...oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL BOI!!!! :]

 oow    2003-03-16 11:11:13 ET
my back hurts, my legs hurt....ugh...my lungs hurt....

But my hair is black again :]


Oh, yeah...and the quote of the night:

(in reference to Femmorpheus being a butt double in the movie for another actress who's name is also Jamie.)

Me: SO why can't Waylon tell the other Jamie that you were her butt double?

Jamie: Cuz, apparently, she'd get all butthurt about it.


Jamie: OH!! pUn!!

Oh, well...guess you had to be there :P

 quick update    2003-03-15 11:08:11 ET
The vet called my mom and asked her to go get Mika, so she's at least ok enough to go home...yay! ::relieved::

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