Zelda    2003-03-08 12:20:57 ET
So, I got the original Zelda game and an NES emulator for my puter....I am wayyy too addicted. It sucks, though, cuz I don't have time to be addicted to my game :[ But it's ok. It's fun....

Ugh...having no food in the hous sucks rocks...i think I'll make me some macncheese...n;stuff...yeah...macnnnchheeeeezzzz...feel the power of the macaroni...with macaroni, I will CONQUER THE EVIL GANNEN AND SAVE PRINCESS ZELDA!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

 ugh    2003-03-07 13:24:03 ET
So someone called in sick for a closing shift tonight at work...which means....LUCKY ME...I'm the only one available to come back and help out...I'm gonna go back at 7:30 (I worked from 10:30-2:30 already...although, I was supposed to be off at 3:45) and work just until we kick everyone out...and then...IM OUTIE.

Our wine friend came into work today...that's not to say that he whines...just that he works at a wine shop and knows almost everything there is to know about wine.

Ok...I need to make use of my break. :P

 Now:    2003-03-07 01:47:58 ET
So I went to my moms bday dindinz tonight. It was yummy, but about half way through it, I got the worst migrane ever. It felt like my brains were going to shoot out through my ears due to my shrinking skull...So instead of going home and having cake with my parents, I had them bring me home and went to bed...at, like, 9pm...now it's nearly four and I can't sleep...Am I always doomed to be exausted on friday, man? Jeebus.

On the bright side, I promised Dylan a burrito the size of his arm...and, well...I brought home a burrito for him the size of *my* arm. Yummmmm...:]

Anyhow...speaking of food...I think I want to go have some of my left-over burrito.

 This mo'nin:    2003-03-07 01:37:03 ET
March 6, 2003

Doob E doo …for some reason our internet connection is all messed up. So I’m writing this in word right now, to be cut&pasted later.

Dylan gave me his old speakers, so my G4 is ROCKIN with Beborn Beton, atm…YAY for old synthpop that I haven’t listened to in ages.

o/~ Don’t you worry, they won’t find my body, I want you to know, I’ve found peace in another world. Don’t keep diggin, I want you to leave. Back away from the place my ashes are buried…o/~

It’s my mom’s bday today. It’s weird to think about how old my parents are compared to other people’s parents. They had me when they were…damn…34.

I’ve decided that if I were in a band…it would be a 80’s cover band…but it would be industrial/rock and roll-tacular. Sure, we’d come up with our own stuff, too, but mostly, we’d cover stuff from the 80’s…like luftballoons, I’m a real wild one, I’m too sexy…stuff of the like.

Anyhow…Better get back to my to-do list.

     2003-03-05 21:15:48 ET
Yes! I have a day off tomorrow. This makes me happy. It's about fingerlickin' time I had more than one day off in a week...that didn't include hiding, that is.

i really have nothing interesting to say tonight....i thought I did...but I don't...so I guess the best thing to do would be to shut up :P

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