WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    2003-03-04 02:03:56 ET

n'stuff...Loki had a friend come and supe it up, so it's all gruuuuvy, now...just need some more memory and a new mouse, and then I'm totally set...but then I'll want more stuff...hehe...

Ok...I'm fuckin' tired...they've been working on my puter all day, and it is now 4am....ugh....sooooooo sleepy....can't wait to brag to my supervisor tomorrow, who's all tech'ed out.

ok....time to play some more :]

     2003-03-03 11:11:59 ET
Slept through school today...dammit...oh, well...I guess I needed the sleep, then :P

Anyhow, loki is making me a tubularly cool firedancing mix :] yay for moooosique.

not much to say today :P

Oh, yeah...and my back hurts.

 House/Pet sitting: Day Two    2003-03-02 08:39:23 ET
Well, it was hard getting the puppy to bed last night. Getting a guinea pig ready for bed is no sweat...but the puppy. ugh...she howled and whined and barked for a good half hour before she finally decided I wasn't letting her out. But...the benefit of keeping her up until 1am was that she let me sleep until ten....in fact, i had to wake her...

Had nightmare after nightmare last night. I hate that.

Never did start on my hair yesturday. I guess I decided I dont wanna. It is a big process that's very draining, and I did do it not too long ago, so I guess I'll wait. Starr, this is the reason I don't just take my dreds out, wash my hair and put them back in...hehe...and as you know very well, doing your own hair is a very big pain in the ass...er, scalp.

Gonna get ready to take Mika for a walk in a few minutes. It was so wierd yesturday walking her. When I walk Ashby, she's totally distracted by all sorts of smells and especially sounds. Walk Ashby by a lawnmower and she'd completely lose her marbles. But walk Mika by a lawnmower and she doesn't even phase. We're walkin' down the street and all these dogs in back yards come up to the fences and start barking at her, and she can't hear 'em. Unless she see's them, there's no reaction from her, which, of course, drives the other dogs crazy. It's a trip, cuz when someone says, "Oh, my dog is deaf" you still try to talk to them and you still expect them to react to everything like a normal dog...and she does for the most part, except the things she reacts to are smells, vibrations, and what she sees. Total sweety, though.

Anyhow...time to walk her before she has a heart attack :P

 House/Pet sitting day one.    2003-03-01 10:56:02 ET
So my parents went off to their wedding in..........I forgot where, but it's somewhere far that starts with an "m". Monterey.

Anyhow, so I'm house/pet sitting. I took Mika for an hour-long walk a few minutes ago, and man is that dog good on a leash. She pulled a little, but my mom told me to expect that, cuz she hasn't had a walk in a couple days (my mom is older and has some sciatica (sp?) problems). Anyhow, it went really well. She's out cold, atm.

Phew...I am wiped out. I was gonna do stuff to my hair, but I don't know if I have the energy anymore, heh...I'll sit down in front of the TV and start makin' the dreds, at least, though.

yay for hair :]

     2003-02-28 20:51:43 ET
I need some good old fashioned rock and roll. The kind you can't find anymore but that was rampant in the 80's/90's...dammit.

I'm listening to some hocico right now, cuz i need something kinda angry...but it's not angry enough...I want screaming, grinding guitars, and the old cliche drum beat...

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