YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW!    2003-02-24 13:32:30 ET
YES!!! Completed second out of four units for my math class...YAYYYYY!!! Not that it was was decimals. The TA is a butthead, though...he's never been nice to me...not once. Butthead...

 brefast toast...    2003-02-24 06:24:13 ET
My toast takes forever. I have a toaster oven as opposed to a toaster, so it's a long process to have toast in the am, heh...

Got class today...wewt. Then it's home for a nap...and THEN...dundunDUN...DG!!! WOOOOO...I might have my best friend coming, not sure. She said she wanted to go to a goth club before she leaves forze army, so I asked if she wanted to come...its a mayube, though, cuz she might end up being hella busy.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm toast...yahhhh... :]

Also: random note on toasters...i once knew a chick who had a toaster tattooed on her...

 Wewt for nuthin.    2003-02-23 18:15:36 ET
Been doing nothing all day, but sitting around, drinking, watchin' moovies...takin naps...and stuff...

it's nice.

 It's 3 am...    2003-02-23 01:01:33 ET
Do you know where your chillins are?

Just finished watching Lilo and Stitch...awesome movie. Loki fell asleep towards the end...wuss...I'm good for another hour at least :P

Anyway...things be lookin' up. My friend Melanie stopped by my work today, and it was sooo good to see the face of an old friend...even if I wasn't able to talk to her very long.
I told her my plans of going to DG monday night and she invited me to spend the night at her place afterwards. Still thinkin' about it. I think I will, but I'm not sure about how I'll get home in time for work by 2pm the next day...will figure out logistics later...atm, I need friends.

Well...I should go...even though I'm gonna do nothing tomorrow, there's a lot of nothing to be done, heh...I want to be up fairly early, as I don't want to waste the day away sleeping...if I get tired, i can take a nap later, cuz guess what? I HAVE A DAY OFF TOMORROW!!!! YYYYYYEEEEEEHHHHAAAAAAAWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you don't get many days off, one day feels like a vacation!!! :]


 Major Tom to Ground Control    2003-02-22 10:53:54 ET
Contact has been made...I have sucessfully made contact with two friends....using the telephone. May make physical contact sometime today, although that is not certain. Will be sure to make Physical contact monday night, however.

That is all

over and out

---end transmission---

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