2003-02-21 14:17:16 ET
left overs i stole from dinner with them wed. night.

I ordered hair yesturday to help rid me of my blues...it worked, kinda...now i gotta wait :[ Theyre only in Spokane, though, so I should have them by tues. Gonna try a pinchbraid this time :] Although, I'm not certain why I ordered 6 packs of hair...I don't have much hair...it just looks like it, cuz it's thick.

Starr: I am SO going with you to Jezabell's next week...I need to get the hell out of my house...I'd be down tonight, but i'm broke :[...oh, and DG the monday after, too...I so need to get out, yo...and...I MISS EVERYONE!!!! dammit...Starr, Mel, Shawn, Eric, Nes, Diana, Marshall, Rabbit...everyone.

So tired...didnt get to sleep until nearly 3 last night...no sleep for me until late, though...gotta feed the face and go to class and do some fuckin' HW, cuz I'm vegging on sunday...I don't care what anybody says...I need a friggin day off :[. Gonna cook my honey some brefast...maybe cook something nice for dinner...and sit around and watch movies all day long.

Yeah...that's my plan, yo.
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 It's an english brefast    2003-02-21 05:17:18 ET
its all bout english brefast tea in my new cobalt blue fishie cup, and maple instant oatmeal.

ahh, the simple things...

     2003-02-20 21:15:28 ET
another day another dollar, or so they say...

I'm in a wretched mood tonight. Everything was going great until I came home alone to an empty house with nothing to keep me company but my thoughts. Ashby's here, yes...but she's asleep, atm.

I'm thinking vodka would be a good thing right now...couple of shots to drown my sorrows.

I've been feeling so alone, lately. Loki's always keeping himself busy either playing video games, doing HW or surfing...or out at school/work. Although, that's not to say that he's ignoring me...which is what that sounded like, i think. Tonight he actually managed to make some time for a friend, which I think is awesome since he's been missing them. I wish I could do the same...it sucks, cuz I never have money, and when I do, I have no time. Next friday's payday...maybe i will try to hit up jezabell's that night.

o/~ I'm all alone...there's no one here...beside meeeeeeee o/~

vodka is good...I feel better about life, now. SHould prolly get to bed soon, though...yeah...sleep is good.

     2003-02-20 10:32:57 ET
buh...ready to explode...

need inexpensive fun...no fun for me tonight, tho...off at 10:15...gotta be back there at 8am...no fun...grrr...

got an email back from a prospect telling me to call to schedule a meeting...left voicemail...hope they call back.

listening to the clock ticking away my free time...

had a wierd experience last night...in the middle of the night, loki woke me up by saying, "Yeah, I can see it."
"you can see what?", I asked.
He looked at me and said, "the other side", sounding confused that I didn't know what he was talking about.
I replied, "The other side of what?"
"The other side of the channel," he answered, sounding almost annoyed.
Then he immediately started snoring. The wierdest part is that his eyes were open, and he was talking in a fully awake voice...not like he was sleepy or anything. I told him about it this morning, and he didn't remember it.

whelp...I better get ready...ugh...

 bleh    2003-02-19 18:26:23 ET
Very not happy, atm. Dunno why...just very sad.

On the upside, I'm updating this from my mom's sidekick. When they come out with one in color, I may get one...hey, it keeps beeping at me.

Anyhow...I've been eating like a horse last couple days. I feel totally bloated. :( Probably why I'm depressed.

I like this sidekick...I think I'll have to steal Loki's more often.

Blah. My mom's puppy Mika is super cute. I'm nervous, though, cuz I'm dog-sitting/house sitting next weekend, and with Mika being deaf, I'm hoping I won' lose my mind...I'm used to being able to shout for correction, but it's not so simple with Mika.

Ok...time for a smoke.
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