2003-02-16 21:42:15 ET
guh...so drained...movie is killing me. I think I'm going to explode...I need a friggin day off...I had my first day off in, like, three weeks yesturday. It was loveley. Only one week of shooting left...::prays to god it goes smoothly and that he doesn't need anymore footage any time soon::

Things other than that are ok...I have the blues, but I think it's the business driving me insane.

Got two hours of sleep last night, and then had a long day of shooting...and took a two hour nap...can't sleep now...puppy is taking up the entire bed.

gonna take sleepytime meds and hope for some Z's.

     2003-02-15 11:16:11 ET
So yesturday was good....'cept I was grumpy all day :[ I'm grumpy again today, but I 'spose it's all good. Loki and stinker came by my work to give me a present. It's a cauuute little purple piznuppy. He sits on top of my computer. yay.

Last night was fun, too...we got together with Senor director and his gf danielle (aka D-Ditty and Waylo). We went to The Blue Nile for some awesometacular ethiopian food and honey wine. Then we headed to Au Coquelet for some caffeine...and from there, we headed off to Spat's for drinkies...YAY!

it was good...and the peasants rejoiced.

     2003-02-14 08:12:11 ET

that is all

     2003-02-13 23:16:59 ET
So I got my review today at work...i am meeting expectations, and therefore am rewarded with an 11 cent raise...WOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO...I can go out and buy my dream car with THAT kind of raise!!!

On the upside, I resolved my issues with my store manager. I no longer wish a horrible demise upon her head.

Anyhow...gotta go to bed....ugh...

 feeling sick    2003-02-12 17:54:33 ET
Ow...tumbly hirty....

was a friend's birthday, didn't know until today...had dinner with him and family in the main house...phew, saved on that one...however:

.....forgot dinner with wine connoisseur friend...superly embarassed...house is a total mess, as well.

tummy upset and ready to explode....ugh...

not a good night.
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