smells like dog    2003-02-08 09:29:40 ET
Ashby got her third bath ever today. I wish I'd had a bathtub so she wouldn't have been so cold :[ I had to use the garden hose...poor darling. She's so cute when she's wet though...all pathetic and drowned rat looking. Her whites are actually white, though, and soon the heater will warm her up and dry her off, and she'll be soft as velvet...::can't wait for softie piznuppy cuddles :P

Anyhow...gotta go do a million things...soooo busy...goddamit :[


 dreamland    2003-02-07 06:57:17 ET
so I had the wierdest dream that I was taking Ashby with me everywhere, but the world was ending, and I was involved in a plan to stop it...but I kept getting kicked out of the places we met, cuz I wouldn't leave ashby anywhere...she had to come with me.


Anyhow...bigwigs coming in today....wooo fucking hooo...I can't believe they have me working today...I should totally fuck this up for my store manager, and when they leave just give her that "Fuck with me, I fuck with you" look. But being the nice person I am, I can't...dammit

Gah...while we're on the topic of jobs, I found out pretty definately that I'm NOT getting the job at the other coffee shop. Motherfucker...I totally feel trapped...and I think I'm going to explode. head hurts and I'm groggy, so I need to go fix that....:/

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 NOT a morning person    2003-02-05 05:42:51 ET
It is now 7:30am and I want to kill something. FUCK WAKING UP THIS EARLY! grrrrr...

The other dog, not Ashby, that lives in the main house, chewed up a mask that our director made for halloween from that movie, Night was of the red guy. I wasn't aware that it was still here, I thought Waylon had taken it with him when he left. I know it wasn't Ashby, though, cuz she hasn't been out by herself since last night, and it wasn't there last night.

Anyhow...time for breakfast.

 WEWT!    2003-02-04 17:09:05 ET
go look, go look!!!!!! :]

 dork, dork, dork, dork....    2003-02-04 16:30:00 ET
So I am a total dork and can't remember my password for my image hosting site :P So check out my first gallery...there be new pics in there, yo. Well...there will be after dinner, anyway...if there are only a couple pics, then I'm not done and you should check back later :P

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