all I have to say is:    2003-02-03 22:44:26 ET
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 Stupid soap.    2003-02-03 17:12:18 ET
My soap evaporated, so I have to do it over...although, I'm our of castile soap, which is the best to I'm gonna try to use some burts bees soap, cuz it's not highly fragrant.

::prays it will work::

Anyhow...gonna go make more soap and play the sims :]

 doobie doobie doooo    2003-02-03 13:54:11 ET
So I'm waiting for my bagel bites to heat up. Yum

I feel so accomplished, yo. I went to the library and picked up a couple other resources on ASL, made soap for a valentiney care package for my friend Eliserspits who moved to the other side of the country :[ Now, I'm waiting for my bagel bites, and to help my director with some molds for a mask for da movie :]


Ok...bagel bites are done :]
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 dizzy    2003-02-02 04:36:59 ET
So last night was INcredible. Loki and I stayed up all night talking. We talked about life, we talked about death, we talked about life after death, human psychology, dreams, the astral, etc, etc, etc.

Unfortunately, I have to be at a shoot in an hour and a half...I want to go back to bed :[ Stupid me all kindsa experience and stuff. I think I'm gonna punch my director when I get to the set today :P But it will be out of love...or something. pixorz of loki and stinker and I. Will hopefully have them scanned by next week sometime. yeehaw for pixorz...

ok...i need caffiene muchly...but we're out of sugar :[ dammit. will try honey...honey. :P

 OATMEAL    2003-01-31 10:22:30 ET
So, we have nothing in the larder, almost...we're starting to tear into the "last resort" ramen and canned chili and stuff...we dont even have any bread, hah...I was really sad earlier, cuz all our yogurt went bad, and we had no granola I just started lookin' around...and lo and behold, a heavanly light shone upon a box of oatmeal...THAT HAD OATMEAL IN IT!!! And the peasants rejoiced.

Hooray for small pleasures. Anyhow...time for HW...and loki is reading over my shoulder...i think he wants the puter back...well...TOO BAD!! YOU HEAR ME??? ::shakes fist:: You couldn't pry it from my cold, dead hands!! Ok, maybe you could...FINE, I'll give the puter back to you...jeebus :P

(mind you, he was standing silently behind me the entire time i was typing that last paragraph)

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