2003-02-11 09:21:04 ET

Dred fall is done for vday...I'm so tempted to call it "Happy VD" as the aforementioned actor was calling it.

I'm thinking about adding a couple things, but I don't know...the things I'd want to add would take sooooo long. But I only really want, like, two...so I could do it, I suppose...What are these things I want to add you ask?? HAH! wouldn't YOU like to know. It's a seeeeeecret...shhhhhhhhhhhhh.

I have to work tonight...luckly not with the store manager...she is away for three days...thank fucking god. Let us pray for more hours after my letter telling her what's what...TIRED OF WORK DRAMA...yeah.

I'm gonna go apply at the B&N over on Shattuck. They'll let you wear your piercings. I don't know about hair color, or dress code, but all I really care about are my piercings...the hair color/dress code would be icing on the cake.

Anyhow...I gotta run....stuff to do people to kill.


     2003-02-10 18:00:58 ET
Phew...all done with the test for now...good thing we tested it, too, cuz we found a few things that need to be changed about the latex molds...yay..

Enough technical jargon...So a while ago when I was jobhunting...i think I was on flipdog.com or monster...one of those job search engines...and I filled out an application for a modeling job...I never heard back, so i figured they had already filled the spot...but I got a phone call today from them saying they want to schedule me for an open call and evaluation. I'm debating if I want to do that...I would have a lot more free time, probably...not sure....I think I'll at least meet with the woman and see what kind of things they'd want from me (ie: money/time/travel). I don't think they'll take me, though, cuz I'm too big boned for runway, and not very photogenic...but we'll see.

Anyhow...I have dreds to make, so I run...wewt!!! :]

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 Bizarre thought...    2003-02-10 16:17:30 ET
I'm in the middle of a test makeup for the movie I'm helping with, and the actor is sitting in the studio with rubber molds being glued to his face and he goes,

"You know...other people in the world are going about their lives...having dinner, making business deals, waging wars...and here I am, sitting in a wierd room holding rubber pieces to my face. And you know, in the afterlife, people were presidents, famous actors/actresses...but I will be the guy who sat in a wierd room holding rubber pieces to my face."

Hehe...he's cool...

     2003-02-10 08:37:33 ET
I never know what to put in the subject heading, so I'm just not gonna use it anymore....so there....I guess I told you.

I'm fuggin sick again...coughing my eyeballs out and sneezing so hard I'm causing hurricanes.

I just realized that it's valentine's day this week...need to get some valentine's out...they'll probably be late, though, cuz I'm so busy, I don't have time to actually see anyone...ugh...not a happy girlie over here...

gotta go laydown....losing...consiousness....

 Shooty shooty shoot    2003-02-09 18:08:56 ET
I'm watching fox news...and Janet Jackson was on on a talk show that was shot a while ago...her nose is almost as fucked up as his is...and then this other woman comes on to comment about the case...and HER nose is fucked up as well...what is with these people and their poor snot-chutes?? jeebus people...leave your shnawzes alone!!

So we got to shoot Femmorpheus's ass today :] It was fun...everyone enjoyed her ass very much.

Oooph...I am so busy, nowadays...I haven't seen any of my friends aside from my director's girlfriend (who was mine first, dammit) for months...or so it feels...

Anyhow, I gotta go lay down...i'm all crappy feelin' :[

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