Achey, achey...ow....    2003-01-27 09:17:26 ET
Drank way too much last night (didn't even get drunk), but am still feeling the aftereffects. I feel like crap.

Today, we stop smoking in the house. It's a little difficult, cuz it *smells* like you can smoke in here...

Super bowl wasn't terribly exciting...raiders lost...glad I'm not a raider's fan :P It was funny watching Loki get upset, though };] His friend was so upset, he went home at half time, lol!

Anyhow...gonna go finish checkin email...then to bed with me...cuz I feel crappy.

 wewt!    2003-01-25 12:28:03 ET
So today, the state gave me money...the I bought new shoes that RAWK. Got them from our local army surplus...GOGGLES!!! Which I've been wanting forever, but could never find a cool enough pair...TEN BUCKS, yo! For SUPER cool goggles that come in a neat-o tin case.

I also stopped by to see the director for the film I'm working on. He works at a pet store not too far from the army surplus store. and...dun-dun-DUNNNNN...I NOW HAVE A RELIABLE ASSISTANT!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! I am excited. I've been having issues finding people. (Starr, this isn't directed at you, cuz I totally understand your position with yer car n'stuff). But yeah...aside from that, everyone's been, like, "Oh yeah, totally, I'll do it for sure" and then they don't show up for the shoots or for the meetings. I understand that this isn't a paid thing, but if you're gonna do it, do it...don't say you'll be there and not show up...that's totally uncool...not to mention that this is something that can be put on a resume.

I'm working up the courage to go get my nipples pierced...I'm totally nervous about it. I know it'll be fine, but I'm scared of the pain. I'll definately wait until summertime, though, so it won't be nipple-hard cold outside. I've heard thats a factor with nipple-piercing-healing pain.

Anyhow...I have enough time to take a quick nap before I head off to the hellhole I call a job :P Hopefully I won't have to see my stupid manager today...TULLYS NEEDS TO CALL ME, DAMMIT!!!! :[


 motherfucker    2003-01-24 13:46:26 ET
So, store manager used to be really nice. She was good natured, friendly and had a good sense of humor. Now someone in the store has complained about people being lazy at work, and she's turned into a nazi. She no longer jokes around with the other partners, nor is she good natured and friendly when you talk to her. GRRRR....because someone complained about a few teeny things to HER, and not to the individuals those things were about, they've made the store a living hell. The bastards...

Anyhow...time for sex.

 something    2003-01-22 21:48:54 ET

 PHew!    2003-01-22 14:46:31 ET
Well, THAT's over...I can't say that it went super fantastic, but I can't say that it went badly, either. Everyone there was nice. There was their permanent secretary and the two taxie type people who actually do your taxes. They made me feel really comfortable n'stuff. So yeah ::crosses fingers:: I find out Friday, either way :]

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