noivus    2003-01-22 12:51:26 ET
Getting ready for job interview...suuuuuper nervous...If I get this job, I've decided that I'll probably quit Starbucks. I want to get back into office more retail for me. Dammit. Unless it's completely necesary.

/me praaaaayyyyys to the job gods for myself and for Starr!!

 Gotta look "professional"    2003-01-21 10:35:26 ET
So, I have a job interview tomorrow. It's a temp job, just to get some extra cash. Only goes until April 15th and will get me the hell away from starbucks for two more days a week.

Gotta take the dreds out for it, tho :[ dammit. Hopefully, I'll be able to put them back in, but we'll see.

Anyhow. So...superbowl's this weekend...gonna sit around...drink some manly...maybe I'll glue a beard to my face or something and make my pants sag so you can see my crack...wear a flannel shirt...or something...hah!

Gotta go get ready for work...BLAH, I SAY!!!

Do you ever go back and read old entries that you've written in your journals (live journals or the actual paper ones) on a day you have off from everything, and then you'll get to an entry where you were bitching about work...and suddenly, this wave of relief goes through you and you're so glad that was then and this is now...or is it just me?


that is all.

     2003-01-19 19:45:29 ET
Thanks to MyBrokenPromise, I was able to get this pic to work...FINALLY...thank you!!!
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     2003-01-19 19:41:20 ET
The Envelope, Please...

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