2003-01-19 19:04:24 ET
I DONT GET IT! I keep trying to post my pic, but it won't do it :[ It just posts that "Image hosted by angelfire" shit :[

dammit! I growl at the thing....GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

 Chillin wit da 'fogies :]    2003-01-19 16:07:45 ET
awww, yeah...::does the cabbage patch::

I realised something last night about one of my friends...about how much I admire their strength, their beauty, their courage. How much I admire their ability to just go up and talk to anyone if he/she does something my friend is interested in. I admire how talented my friend is. I admire the great fasion sense this person has. Boy...I feel like I'm giving an award for "Coolest person of the year" or something, lol...But yeah...If I was giving an award, it would be going to Starr :]

Anyhow...there is tension at the parental unit's residence tonight. My mom went and adopted Mika, like I was saying in my last entry...but my dad is none to happy about it. He really doesn't want the dog. I feel bad, cuz I really like Mika, and I know my mom needs a companion. She needs friends...and although Mika's not human, she's a real sweety...who the hell needs humans, anyway? My dad was telling me that he doesn't want her, but he's stuck, cuz what's he gonna do? Give her an ultimatum after 25 years of marriage? He'll cope. lol, poor guy. Finally: Here's Mika :]

I picked up an old Logitec quickcam while I'm at my parents' house. It was a gift from a friend a long time ago, and Loki wants to try and find some software for it online and use it on his puter. Me? Well, as soon as I get a monitor for my little monster, I'm headin' to the Mac store and goin' HOG WILD!

OK...onto bigger and better things...like dinner...

     2003-01-18 08:27:21 ET
boop [18 Jan 2003|09:44am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | CNN ]

went to my film class last night. I'm so excited about it. It teaches you how to analyze movies, what to look for, etc. Which is good, cuz I notice stuff like that, but I don't know how to talk about it. It's like when someone's new to the english language, and they have details they want to get across, but don't know how, so it just comes out as "It was good" or something.

My parents got a piznuppy. I haven't met her, yet, but her name is Mika (pronounced Meeka)...I'd post a peecture, but I don't know how to put it in the message body...wait...I may be able to figure that out. Oh, I guess I need a website or something. Which I do not have :[ If anyone knows how to do it a different way, lemme know.

Anyhow...I'm suddenly wanting to get offline, so I go :p


 Suck    2003-01-16 20:46:39 ET
Work sucks...closed tonight, gotta be back at 6:15am...then school...

Feet suck, cuz they hurt, so bad I was almost in tears at one point tonigh :[

The dentist sucks, cuz I have to go there when I have my ASL class, and I really cannot miss either...

I suck for forgetting to make sure the puppy had food before I left for work today...at 3pm :[...but she rocks for forgiving me.

Milk sucks for making my tumbly upset, when I've been drinking it all my life.

guh...being awake sucks, so Ima go to bed :[


 Hungriezzzzzzzzzz    2003-01-15 06:15:06 ET
I have brefest, but I'm trying to decide...

...brush teeth, have coffee n'brefast, or have coffee n' brefast, brush teeth?

I think I'll go with the latter.

Got Sign language today...I cant wait...cuz I actually did my HW...So I'm off to a good start! yay...not looking forward to math, though...math sucks my big ol' butt...

::shivers:: co-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-old...

i go.

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