Ow...    2003-01-09 07:25:28 ET
SO my back reallly hurts...the bed I'm sleeping on sucks so bad. It's a fold-out from a couch...the way our room is, is we have a living room with a TV, kitchen table, kitchenette, bedroom and bath....and a teeny balcony.

SO have to deal with some business-type stuff today, and I didnt want to deal with while I'm on "Vacation".

Ok....so, like...my mom is hard of hearing, and that's fine...but she always insists that I have to speak facing her, speak clearly so she can hear me...and I do...and then sometimes she'll look like she's trying to make sense of something...then she'll turn and walk away...and ofcourse if i ask if she's heard me, she gets upset....grrrrrrowl

Not having fun...need to go get drunk, get laid, and get home...but not in that order...need to get home first so i an get laid after i get drunk...it would be awesome if I could smuggle a bottle into the car with me when we leave, so i can knock two birds out with one stone...

OMG...so annoyed...For the majority of the trip, I've been cleaning up after myself and being really neat and clean and stuff, right....I forget TWO things...and my mom's yelling at me like I'm 12. FUCKING A I NEED A FUCKING CIGARETTE!

i wanna go home }:[

 HO hum    2003-01-08 17:13:07 ET
So today was remarkably better. Went by really fast, and I'm home an hour earlier then I thought I would be...it's only 8pm here...

My parents weren't in such sour moods, and although I was bored, it wasn't painful like yesturday. I guess young people bounce back from long trips better than old fogies.

Anyhow...gonna go read and have a smoke and stuff for a bit...yeah, n;stuff...gonna come online and virtually attack loki around nine or so, ca time.


 Guh...    2003-01-07 19:40:37 ET
There's a police chase going on outside with a helicopter that's making so much noise, it's shaking the hotel.

Every little thing that happens is upsetting my mother, who is highly excitable...and it's really annoying...so far my "vacation" has been a relatively negative experience. My grandfather is losing his memory and stuff...kind of like altzheimers, but that's not what he has...he can barely walk anymore, and that makes me sad.

My friend in Scottsdale is sick...probably won't be seeing her while I'm here, as she starts a new job monday and needs to get better.

My friend Chris from St. Louis keeps hitting on me, but I can't decide if he's serious or if he's just drunk and trying to be funny. Chris is one of those people where it's hard to tell sometimes. In any case, until I find out whether he's serious or not, I will rephrane (sp?) from telling him to go fuck a sheep or something.

Bahh...I miss Loki and our little girl. Anyhow...i see loki is signed onto subkultures but not to anything else, so I'm gonna go email him...make his butt get on AIm or something.

 Packing    2003-01-06 06:07:51 ET
Getting ready to leave...I'm already packed up, cuz I don't live here, but my parents are taking forever. we're sposed to leave in a half hour :P

I did their dishes for them to speed things up, but we shall see how much it sped them up :P

I don't know why I had to be up this early...I'm not doing anything.

I am totally zombifyed at the moment...must...take...nap...or...something...yeah...


     2003-01-05 18:04:04 ET
Wohoooooo! Yay for scanners...I just finished updating my galleries...wewt n'stuph :]


yum...dinner :]

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