Caution:    2003-01-03 08:14:03 ET

 STUPID FUCKING MILITARY!!!    2003-01-02 16:18:47 ET

My best friend just fucking joined the goddamn army. She's on delayed leave or something, meaning she won't leave for about a month or so for boot camp. SHE CANT FUCKING GO! GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!

What the fuck am I gonna do without her???? FUCK...

I'm proud of her courage, and I want her to succeed and do what she wants to do and all that good shit...but I just don't want her to go...she's almost my entire support system...outside of Loki and my family. I don't want a new best friend, I want HER. dammit...

I'm being selfish, I know...but I don't know what I'm gonna do without her....::sob::

 phooey    2003-01-02 08:48:41 ET
nope...not here, yet :P

 pooter    2003-01-02 08:45:55 ET
Guh...just got home from work...Had to get up at four, but was late due to icky rash on my wrist that was all pussy and gross...and due to the fact that I really don't care about the job that much anymore. I felt bad, though, cuz I was much later than I intended...I intended to be 10 min. late, but the bus I was waiting for didn't show up until I was already 20 min. late...oops. Stupid job. computer should be here fact, I'm gonna go check and see if it's here, yet...I'm guessing no as it's only 11...not ever...quarter of, but you never know...sometimes UPS comes early...A UPS guy came into my work at about 9, so maybe he delivered my puter on the way :P

Ok...suspense is killing me...I go check :]

 Happy New Year!!!!!!!!    2003-01-01 18:13:26 ET
so last night was hellza fun. Went to a friend of Loki's and...I ACTUALLY GOT DRUNK ON NYE! I've had issues with this in the past. yeah...peeps been in our house since about four, and using the I'ma gonna go get my sims fix :]

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