dial up    2003-01-05 16:10:01 ET
at the parents' house...using DIAL UP...god...they're, like, from the dark ages or something :P I'm so not used to waiting for subkultures to load. (a WHOLE minute!!)

I just realised I can scan pix from this puter...scanny scanny time! :]

 o/~ leavin'...    2003-01-05 13:42:50 ET
on a jet plane, dont know when i'll be back again...

Goin over to the parents in about a half hour...wish I coulda said goodbye to someone in person, but they're not around...oh well...maybe they'll come by before I leave.

Did a shoot this morning, and I am so tired. It went well, though...all the makeup when on really easy, and looked really good...yay...go me...lol, I was doing all the makeup on location and i didn't have anything to wash off the spirit gum and grease paint...it looks like I've been fixing a car or something...gross lookin' hands...

I haven't had much other than a couple of doughnuts, so I'm gonna go wash my icky hands and get some fudd in me :P

 oh my god    2003-01-04 01:13:48 ET
just finishedmy hair...its 3am...gonna hit the shower and be on my way....oh, how i wish i could call in sick :[ i am such a dork....but my hair looks cool :P

debating: shower or hour nap....hrm....

     2003-01-03 20:36:21 ET
AZ [03 Jan 2003|10:12pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | Apop - Harmonizer ]

I'm going to phoenix in a couple days to see my grampa. I haven't seen him in, like, three years, so I'm stoked. Also stoked to get the fuck away from work for a week, although, I need to find a starbucks while I'm there so I can pick up my weekly lb of coffee or box of tea...that shouldn't be too hard :P

I was packing today and realized that although good will be coming from it, I don't wanna leave. I've become such a hermit due to finances and being busy...I think I'm literally scared to leave my area...it sucks. That and I'm really attached to our puppy...she's my little daughter...

bah. Anyhow...I have to be at work at 5:15 tomorrow, but I'm hell of not tired. I was thinking about putting my hair back in, but that would take ages, and I don't wanna be up all night...although, I suppose I could just not sleep. Not sleeping is sometimes better than sleeping for a short time...specially since Loki's not home, yet, and he'll A: Wake me up when he gets home, B: turn on some music or something while he hangs out online, and C: Turn on either the TV or radio when he's ready for bed...all three of which waking me up, and all three of which happening at two hour intervals...this is assuming I went to bed now and had the opportunity for 6 hours of sleep.

So I'm not sleeping tonight either way, if you think about it. That settles it: Hair, here I come.

yay, dreds...

Anyhow, in other news, I got my 'puter today...it's nice:


Go...drool at my baby...I love him...Jareth will be happy...he is being upgraded. Funny moment with Jareth:

Loki and I were talking about possible upgrades for a mac, while Jareth was on. Loki made the suggestion just to get a new tower for him, and to network them to the PC and the DSL and all that fun shit...I looked over at Jareth and said, "Jareth, you're getting expensive" and he "hid" by powering down.

Yes, I know it's silly to personify a computer, but he's my baby...my first very own computer.

ok...anyhow...hair time.

oooo...loki is removing the newer version of Jareth out of the box...must go watch ::grin::

     2003-01-03 08:26:59 ET

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