jan. 30, 2003    2003-01-31 10:17:03 ET
yay for extra time! [30 Jan 2003|05:20pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Moulin Rouge ]

So I found that I had some extra time...time to post...time to waste...

Anyhow...got tons of math homework done today. I hope to have the section I'm working on done by monday so I can turn it in, and move upwards and onwards from stupid fractions ::cringe::

I bought this oil last time I went to ancient ways called Lilith...'posed to be an aphrodisiac...hehe...and it worked, too...as soon as I put it on, I was jumped by a dylanimal ::blush:: Although, I have the sneaking suspicion that his intentions were entirely naughty before I put the stuff on :P

BECAUSE WE CAN-CAN-CANNNN!!!!! Yehaw ::boogies to moulin rouge soundtrack::

o/~ The French are glad to die for love...a kiss on the hand may be quite continental, but diamonds are a girl's best friend...o/~ ::loses herself in fantasies of being Satine for a moment:: I wouldn't actually want to be her as opposed to being me, but she's so sexy and beautiful and adored...and gets all her corsets for FREE...dammit.

Aww...ashby is a tirededed stinkerwrinkle-piznuppy head. She's been outside ALL day with the other dog.

I only speak the truth...I ONLY SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!! ::clammer, clammer bang, beats ensue:: Yay...i love this song...it's better on my stereo, though...

Anyhow, I should go to work or something :P

 HOORAY for ten minute closes! :]    2003-01-29 20:57:10 ET
So my poor supervisor that closed with me tonight has to open tomorrow, too. But it was awesome, cuz it meant nothing really had to be super pretty, and we got out of there in ten minutes, still managing to get everything done. One of the other supervisors...the one that usually opens, was sent to the hospitol yesturday, so the only person left is poor Regan...one of the closing sup's.

In other news, Loki got a new kick ass celphone...it's a celphone/computer/internet browser/organizer/black and white camera/instant messenger. It's called the sidekick. Now I feel all inadequate with my teeny little nokia 3585. My phone kicks ass for a phone...but his has EVERYTHING you could ever want in your pocket...jeebus.

Stinker got to go with us to pick up Loki's phone...her ego must be flying through the roof. Everyone who passed by us had to stop and pet her and tell her how adorable she is.

anyhow...not much else to say about my day., Life is boring, as it should be :]

 AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!    2003-01-29 08:39:41 ET
The starbucks drama continues...

She has scheduled me for...14...count them FOURTEEN fuckin' hours next week...that's barely even a hundred bucks, yo, after taxes and stuff...grrr...im so out of there...writing me letter of resignation today...

anyhow...in other news, when I went over to my parents' house the other day, I forgot my cellyphone there...but yesturday...my mom and mika came out and gave it to me...ALLTHE WAY out here from their house...it was so nice of them.

Anyhow...smokietime...no more smokie in da house...

 Oh, and I almost forgot.    2003-01-28 11:08:08 ET

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 Tullys    2003-01-28 10:31:10 ET
So I had an interview at Tully's Coffee today...I really would prefer to not work at all...But, unfortunately, unlike SOME people, I can't afford to :P ::pthththththpt's on loki::

Anyhow, I think the interview went pretty well. The manager is a nice guy, and I think I like having guy managers vs. girl managers...I seem to get along better with guys than girls, sometimes. /me is a tomboy at heart :P

I wish I could apply at this really awesome coffee shop around the corner from school called Au Coquelet (sp?). But not only are they never hiring, but they would probably laugh at my coffee experience. :P

Anyhow...I have a half hour til it's time to go to work...what should i do...hrm...GET DRUNK!!! yah...:P

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