2003-03-15 10:56:54 ET
[ mood | worried ]
[ music | Bjork - Army of Me ]

So Mika has been sick this past week (for those of you who don't know, Mika is my mom's new piznuppy). She went to the vet a few days ago and got some medicine that was supposed to ease her problem.

She seemed to be reacting to a treat my mom got her, but after she took the medication, she continued to have the same problems. She's at the vet right now getting tested for all sorts of things. Poor piznuppy-head. My mom should be hearing by 1:15 or so about the results of the tests and such.

I'm praying that she'll be ok, and won't require anything major like surgery, as number one I don't want her to have to go through that, and number two, I know my parents can't afford it, but will figure out how, as they are both kind and generous people. I know my dad's not happy about it. I haven't even talked to him, but I know. He didn't really want another dog after Kodi and was hoping that they would be dog-free for the rest of their lives (I still miss that lug, nearly five years later). He likes dogs, but he doesn't like having to take care of them, and since he is the bread-winner, I think he feels railroaded by my mom sometimes when she adopts new pets. She's the type who needs critter-comforts in her life, and it's a necesity for her to have constant companionship that doesn't always revolve around humans.

Since she lost her last job a few years back, it's been near impossible for her to find employment, as she has a great deal of hearing loss, and she is in her 50's. I never understood until I moved out, what she has had to deal with since she lost her hearing, and boy, it's not easy. We've always been close, although we had our issues when I went through my teenage angst/rebellion phase (it's really hard to rebel against liberal parents, so I had to get all angry and stuff).

Anyhow, my mom was filling out a questionaire a few days ago for the SPCA where she adopted Mika, and she wrote a few touching things about Kodi. It made me cry, because I miss him, still. I've thought about what it would be like if I were reuinted with him, and I think it would be strange. Like running into an old friend that you haven't seen in years, but were very close with at one point. Just one more hug. One more kiss, but it would never be enough. I know some people will ask "Why are you getting so emotional over a *dog* that died five friggin years ago?" and I would say to them, "Obviously, you've never had a pet, and if you did, you didn't know how to love it. Kodi was family to me. I grew up with him. We adopted him when I was in kindergarden, and he died after I was already going to jr. college."

Well...enough sad stuff. Time to focus on the present...

 YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!    2003-03-14 18:46:34 ET
Ordered some more hair stuff from this awesome site. They rock. Gonna start putting black and burgundy dreds in me hair (got burgundy okayed with work). YAYYYYY...I also ordered a fringe of bangs in a V-shape...so I'll sew that into me hair, too and I will rock everyone's world...or something....ha ha...

I CAN"T WAAAAAIIIIT for my hair to arrive...in fact, I'm so excited, that I'm gonna go work on the black dreds :]


 why am I not in bed?    2003-03-13 14:46:04 ET
I came home early from work today due to cold sweats, dizzy spells and stomach cramps. Ugh...why am I not in bed? Stupid internet addiction...Big J, you are not the only one who is a geek :P

I was so miserable at work, i even forgot to pick up my tips0rz....blah...


 sick...    2003-03-12 12:58:49 ET
So I was awoken this morning by a series of violent stomach cramps...I had issues until about 9am...By that time I was so drained that I couldn't move...So I had to miss class today...when my ASL project was sposed to happen. GOd dammit...i don't think I can make it up, but we'll see. I have to go see if my teacher has a TTY # or email or something, so I can email her and tell her what happened. I have a lot of film maker friends, so I'm sure a video camera shouldn't be difficult to locate. (I don't know if I posted about it before, but my project was to memorize a story and tell it using asl in front of the video camera in class).


     2003-03-10 20:09:38 ET
YAY! I beat the game!!!

That is all :P

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