2003-03-20 21:28:45 ET
a friend just sent this to me and i thought I would share the amusement.

     2003-03-20 17:22:36 ET
SO I was sposed to go hang with my friend Melanie, but those stupid protesters have shut down most of SF, and even some of downtown berkeley. I know their hearts are in the right places, but they're disrupting people's lives. I mean, there are people trying to go pick up their kids, to go to doctor's appt.'s, or even simply trying to get home. Not to mention that over 1,000 of them have been arrested.

My personal hope, is that they'll get this dickhead out of power without hurting too many people. So far, there haven't been any casualties...so I'm hoping the trend continues.

Anyhow...the news is boring...there's nothing going on, atm...just moving stuff...in fact, the newscasters on CNN are so bored, they're talking about all the antenni on the tanks. ::shakes head and shuts of TV::

Well, i guess the protests in berkeley didn't shut down classes for the evening. Loki has classes tonight, and he's not home, so I'm assuming classes weren't cancelled (the protesters had parts of downtown berkeley shut down as well).

My hair still isn't here :[ Usually I have it by now, but not this week. Here's hopin' for tomorrow...

In other news, my store is cutting back our hours of operation. Week after next we will start closing a half an hour earlier than usual. YAY!!!! ::excited:: this rocks my world, cuz I always have to get up early the next day after closing.

ok...gonna go do something more productive...like...CHECKING EMAIL! :]

     2003-03-20 09:15:17 ET
I had a dream just a few minutes ago that Loki and I had a nice loft apartment overlooking the bay...still in the east bay. We woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of bombs crashing. I thought it was the TV, so i picked up the remote and turned off the TV, and tried to go back to sleep before I realized that what I was hearing wasn't from the TV. We saw a smart missle shoot by our window on it's way to blow up it's destination...and tons and tons of fighting and bombing and stuff...So we ran...we took the stairs, Ashby running in front of us...until we saw the stairs blocked, and then went into the elevator (it was only another floor or two). Inside of which there was a dead girl's hand stuck in the door. It was gross. Since when did FoxNews give me nightmares??

We deleted, formatted and reinstalled my OS on my puter last night...boy, that was fun...I, now have to reinstall all of my programs...well not now...later....ugh...whenever that will fucking be. It's not like I have time to breathe or anything.

Anyhow...gotta go get ready for four hours of hell...grah.

 procrastinating    2003-03-19 13:44:26 ET
I have to go do my tests for the doc today...i also have a first class starting tonight...ugh...dun wanna go to either...wanna stay home and sleep...so drained from yesturday :[

     2003-03-18 19:06:01 ET
pics of my mom's piznuppy...go look...

Anyhow, went to the doctor, and there are three possibilities:

1. A Virus
2. A stress related syndrome
3. Pregnancy, although that one isn't probable, in my doc's opinion.

Gotta go get tests done tomorrow. ::Sigh:: what a pain in the ass. I hate going for stuff like that alone...makes me feel all...alone...and stuff. Not to mention that it doesn't say anywhere in my insurance info. that lab tests are covered or not covered...it just plain doesn't say. So i have no idea if this is going to cost me an assload of money or not.

I have no idea how I'm gonna make it through class tomorrow. I'm so far behind, now in ASL, I dont know if I can catch up. I shall try.

Anyhow...time for food.
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