Pretty awesome dude    2011-03-25 07:56:18 ET

 lmao some made rebecca black's song sound alot better    2011-03-24 12:09:14 ET

 Job Interview    2011-03-19 12:30:33 ET
I think the job interview went really well. she seem to like me alot. their polocies on tattoos and piercings aren't to bad even though I will be polite and leave them out while I am working. it is nice that I won't have to cover up my tattoos because it would get really hot wearing pants all the time working outside with the dogs. the only time I will have to coverup my tattoos is for events. she said If I get the job they will call me sometime this weekend monday at the latest. and if I get hired I can start on wednesday.
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 Yes I'm a nerd but this is still awesome    2011-03-18 11:50:32 ET
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 YAY!!    2011-03-18 10:30:00 ET
After months of trying and applying at so many different places and calling and having them call me and not want me I finally have a job interview. :-D tomorrow at four at this place :)
the girlfriend is going to get me dressed and ready and put make-up on me... ( not liking that 100% but i will live :-D) hopefully they like me. I will probably take my piercings out for the interview and I can cover one tattoo. really nervous about this.

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