A poem I wrote for my mom after she died.    2011-03-02 09:23:44 ET

I still need you
No matter what I said
You left me too soon
Now I can't clear my hear
This is all happening too fast
I wish it was me instead
I'm so sorry it had to be you
Who was lying on that bed
I'm sorry I can't remember
All the things you said
But I try my hardest
As I think inside my head
In my thoughts I try to run
But my feet are blocks of lead
This doesn't feel real
But more like books that I have read
I try to reach out to them
But they have already fled
To the safety of their own thoughts
Inside their nice warm beds
And because they have fled
There Is a part of us all that Is dead

 Another poem.    2011-03-02 09:18:26 ET

Sometimes I want to disappear
Close my heart and have no fear
I reach out to you but you don't see
I cannot explain the empty feeling inside of me
I've tried to explain it before
I start with saying I feel nothing but then I'm not so sure
I feel quite happy when I'm asleep
There are many dreams I wish to keep
Sometimes I want an endless dream
At least that's how I want it to seem
Sleeping forever and waking never
It's like there's a secret hatch
I just cannot find the lever
People surround me and try to make life livable
But I really wish I was INVISABLE

 Here Is one of my many poems. Please enjoy and tell me what you think.    2011-03-02 09:11:57 ET

I'm haunted by so many things
and most people think I'm strange
Weather they know it or not
They're haunted too
But they have no clue
It used to be ok
I would just struggle through the day
I kept everything inside
So now it's gotten worse
What did i do
To be given such a curse
But I will go on
Like I did before
Holding everything inside
Walking with no pride
It kills me inside to know
That I'm to afraid to let my problems show
I wish someone would reach out
Because I'm tired of crying and inside I'm dying.

 Hello To All.    2011-03-01 16:29:42 ET
My name is Madi and I am new here. I read my girlfriends posts and see the comments people post. and I am looking forward to getting to know the people here on Subkultures. I'm not much of a blogger but I do poetry and I will be putting up some of my poems soon and would love your feedback on them.

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