Boots and college
2002-08-19 09:32:43 ET

I start my first year of college on Saturday. Wow. I am still in a haze about it. I just packed up about half of my belongings this morning, and it's..weird. I've never moved away before.. this will be a whole new experience for me. Hehe! I am, like, SOO excited!! *giggle* </sarcasm>

And I bought new boots! I have big feet; I got size 9 men's but I they are a bit too big, I would do better with an 8 1/2 but they didn't haev half sizes.. grr.. BUT I AM UB3R NOW WHOO

2002-08-14 17:05:28 ET


Also I have made a Pinkbunny animated .gif. Ask me for details.

help me.
2002-08-12 12:10:34 ET

17:03:43 faint sexes up vasa so he feels like "part of the gang"
17:03:50 faint> Haha. Gang. Bang. Gangbang.
17:04:01 letrasiant> sigh..
17:04:03 letrasiant> men.
17:04:12 faint> Haha. Men. Bang. Menbang.
17:04:18 faint> Er... I meant:
17:04:24 faint> Haha. Man. Train. Mantrain.
17:04:28 letrasiant> hee
17:04:36 letrasiant> MeatMess
17:04:58 faint> Haha. MeatMess. MeatMess. MeatMessMeatMess.
17:05:10 faint> You would think I was some kind of chat bot the way I put those together.
17:05:10 letrasiant> manmeatmess
17:05:21 letrasiant> yess. im just waiting for a syntax
17:05:32 faint> Haha. manmeatmess. manmeatmess. manmeatmessmanmeatmess.
17:05:42 letrasiant> manmeatmahsmess
17:05:47 letrasiant> AAAHHHH
17:05:51 letrasiant> DONT YOU HAVE TO GO??
17:06:01 faint> Haha. manmeatmahsmess. manmeatmahsmess. manmeatmahsmessmanmeatmahsmess.
17:06:13 letrasiant> manmanmessheatymatmeantmeatmanmess
17:06:17 letrasiant> myass
17:06:23 letrasiant> ARRRGGGGG
17:06:28 letrasiant> MY OVARIES!!
17:06:29 faint> Haha. manmanmessheatymatmeantmeatmanmess. manmanmessheatymatmeantmeatmanmess. manmanmessheatymatmeantmeatmanmessmanmanmessheatymatmeantmeatmanmess.
17:06:38 letrasiant> you are DONE faint!

across a thousand blades
2002-08-12 11:09:29 ET

angel, why am I so blind?
the room: sweat pouring, eastern incense
warm red embers within amber flesh
slithering naked across a thousand blades
...across a thousand blades
I hold you gently, your eyes so far away
searching for your justice
searching for your innocence
lost as a child adrift on a lonely sea
...on a lonely sea
burn my memory, burn my outline
the tears scream to scar your unpierced flesh
shattered mirrors reflecting back your face
"let your defenses fall"
your candles never burned me
the ashes fall to the ground you try to pierce my poisoned flesh
as I try to pierce your tortured heart

i like Lycia.

2002-08-09 09:09:37 ET

For the past week now I've been chased down by a mob of angry Trans-goths on Livejournal who think I'm homophobic because of a joke quiz I made. It gets taxing, laughing at how pathetic they all are. It's also amusing and in the same way sad that they are all being hypocritical when they act in the same fashion as the people they bash.

So I made a new quiz, devoid of all offense! Take it yourself and be amazed at how inoffensive it is! Go on, try it!!

Which Waste of Space Are You?

This pointless quiz was made by Xenianth!

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