I lied my face off    2007-11-19 14:46:37 ET

just shoot me,kay?

what a re-godamned-diculos day.

oh,alkaline trio...
you are my only true reason for living

     2007-11-19 06:12:50 ET

my new obsession

 mmmmm    2007-11-15 15:34:14 ET
my mom made turkey soup today

and as a result everyfuckinbodys at her house right now

this is what it was like when i used to live here,and the times were good

i miss it being like this

10 or so kids all in my bro's room everybody playin halo or just chillin

mmmmmmm turkey soup

kyle alyssa and whittles are on there way too

i miss cierra.

 FUCK YEA!    2007-11-14 12:56:41 ET
so,apparently their having a graduation ceremony for us GED graduates

i graduate on dec the 15th.


isn't this awesome?

fucking memphis

     2007-11-12 14:39:41 ET


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