This memphis air is killing me...    2007-11-11 12:23:49 ET
when i got back to memphis last week,i literally crossed the fucking bridge and became sick


got worse last night when me and friends went downtown for whittles b-day.

we got dressed all fancy,ate dinner and then went drunk bowling

half way through dinner my sinuses began to bleed

i feel like shite and i have to go to work now


     2007-11-09 14:35:41 ET
just started working back at the movie theater i used to work at

i get free movies,and i get to work with a few friends that i miss

but i also have to work at a fucking movie theater



     2007-11-08 10:38:08 ET
i recently herd that against me! broke up...

i cant get anything off there website to confirm or deny it....

anybody know??

i'll cry a whole bunch if they did...


     2007-11-07 04:47:29 ET
goin home today

8 hours on a seedy ass greyhound.woohoo.

me and cierra hung out with this guy she met back in memphis when his band played the rally point,named duck

he was pretty cool,super dorky in a really cute way.

he and cierra doble teamed me trying to get me to stay,or move here soon.

wouldn't be bad

i've already got a few friends here,i like the city ok,or at least what i've seen of it.

i'll have to check out the school's and see what kind of grants i can get
cause if im going to go intoo debt over school,im going to make it worth while and in chicago


     2007-11-03 17:02:26 ET
halloween for the most part sucked.

dressed as wonder woman,went to my friends schools party,an art school,almost got into a fight there.laughed at kyle cause one of the boys fancied him.trick or treated.

i left this morning at 4 am for texas with cierra with only $2.53,4 cigs,and a change of clothes...

shes moving here and i just rode along,gonna catch a greyhound back.

we got lost in the middle of arkansas and i was convinced we would meet our untimly demise in the middle of bumfuck arkansas because we couldn't find the highway everyone was directing us too.(i was convinced it was just something the locals told young stupid tourists to trap them and that we wopuld end up beatin raped and eatin.i do not like the country)

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