snake oil tanker    2007-11-27 15:39:35 ET
it actually feels like christmas this year for me

it hasn't felt like that since i was like 8.

it's weird,but nice.

gonna go see otep tonight,hope their as good as they were when i saw them with kittie,which is still one of my favorite shows.

one of the craziest shows i've ever been to,and thats saying alot.

can't wait!


     2007-11-24 13:19:47 ET
cold as balls here.

i have no heat and no money.

my cat is an asshole.

captain asshole,to be exact.
thats his name,you see...

errbody is comin over
we gonna go do something fun,hopefully.

instead of spend the whole night getting high and playing guitar hero,talking about going and doing something fun.

godamn its cold

     2007-11-22 19:30:22 ET
happy thanksgiving everyone
if your indian,
happy we stole your land and killed your people day.

food was good

even though i just ate and had to go to work,which sucked.

my mom made me say the prayer.
which was hilarious.

     2007-11-21 17:52:18 ET
did mescalin for the first time last night

was pretty cool

im going on 2 days with just about no sleep

and i never want to sleep again

     2007-11-20 13:19:57 ET
had toget up at 8 am yesterday

my bro took me to the docs office

i dont know what that cray fucking theripst put in my files,
but they treated me like i was fucking insane
refused to give me the depo shot because it increases anxiety and depression

they had two doctors see me,instead of one
they kept alluding to my being sick and my shortness of breath being the result of an anxiety problem
it couldnt be that i smoke a pack a day and the air here is shit

one of them made an underhanded comment about my piercings being "self mutilation"

they gave me more BC some antibiotics,some antihistamines,and some shit for my "anxiety problems"

but,i couldnt afford any of it,because i wont be getting my check til the 30th,instead of yesterday for some bulshit reason

went to my moms house,found out my g-ma(whos the only one really working in that house) lost her job.

which means they'll be asking for alot of money from me soon.

money i dont have

when i got home,
my cat was dead.

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