ggguuuurrrrrgggggghhhhhhh    2007-05-06 21:00:45 ET
^that is the noise i'd be making if i were a zombie
which is what i feel like
worked 21+ hrs. in the last 3 days
which is more than i got in two weeks at my last job
so,hooray i guess

the indian just randomly showed up tonight
he's been avoiding me since about thursday
not awnsering my calls and such shit
and then just shows up,talkin all kinds of shit
tells me "i miss you"
i tell him i know

told him about tj,plus some of the other crazy shit that kid has pulled in the last few days
he got mad 'cause i didnt tell him when it happend
starts acting like he's gonna do something about it
i informed him that i couldnt have told him,because he was avoiding me,and to please not pretend as if he actually cared

that shut him up pretty good

tried to kiss me when he left
i tried to turn my head away,so he only got like half cheek
aaaannnnnddddd then i shut my door in his face(i made him sit on my front porch)

i'm not back in my fucking house two seconds that this kid i used to work with and i kinda hang out with is calling to tell me how much he likes me and shit...

donno what i'm gonna do about that
things were ao much easier when i didnt date

 WTF?!    2007-05-03 20:37:03 ET
you know,generally when you allow someone to live in your home rent free,you'd think they'd be a little apreciative....
mabey say thank you or something...
NOT try to molest you in your fucking sleep,and play it off as an "accedent"

my friend tj started staying at my place recently...
it was a bit akward,but i thought,whatever,you know?weve been friends forever...

yea,woke up yesterday to him on top of me
and when i fliped,he said he "didn't see me there" didnt see me in the bed i sleep in every night... didnt see me when you were trying to place yourself between my legs AS I WAS SLEEPING?!?!


i wana kill

 I am    2007-04-30 18:53:09 ET
single bitches...



 so what became of rebels,who sang for you and me?    2007-04-29 11:48:56 ET
why the fuck has everyone around me become so fucking introspective lately??
philosophers we are not,kids.cause we don't know anything

i'm in a funny mood.
got drunk last night w/ alysaa off of horrible screw drivers robert made.that kid will never make me another drink,thats for sure...

my friend t.j. has moved in,which is cool,but a bit akward...
havent seen that kid on a regular basis since we were like 13(we grew up together) and ll of a sudden hes living with me...
but,oh well...

i need...
a hug...

i donno

 Love America    2007-04-24 16:52:31 ET
so,got a new job ^___^
i now work at "pearls oyster shack"
you know,one of thouse ritzy-but-tries-to-be-down-home-southern places...
i now make $8.00/hr. plus tips
wwwwaaaayyyyyy better than $5.40/hr. don't you think??
AND i'm working w/alyssa,whittles and cierra...
which is prolly the best part.
we're gonna have so much fun

the only prob is i might have to work all weekend,which will cut into my hanging-out-with-cool-people time...
eh,i'll make it all work out.

things are lookin up kiddies
at least a little bit...

listening to Give up the ghost
if you don't,then you're lame

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