2007-06-11 14:44:28 ET
thinking of taking a trip up to chicago soon
i'd love to live there
go to school there

i really need a vacation

gotta go visit my peircer and chat about the suspension team he's starting up

really really excited about that

     2007-06-09 06:39:42 ET
house shit is going well

i dont have internet,so im almost never on


been kinda freaking out a bit lately

you know that moment when you realize you have absolutly nothing that connects you to your past anymore?

no people,nothing...


that sucks

     2007-06-04 15:29:35 ET
i got a house with two of my friends
its technically a duplex

but its perfect

its exactly like us

akward looking

i love it

 wtf    2007-05-31 19:30:57 ET
so,i'm still in that horrible mood...

right now being made worse by the fact that i'm currently talking online with a girl i used to be pretty good friends with

who just had a baby

with another of my good friends
whos going into the army soon
and whom i am sortof crushin on

how the fuck do these things transpire??

the whole situation is retarded,to say the least
i wouldn't touch the guy,cause hes got a kid

we're fucking trading tips on raising children
this isn't right

this is freaking me out

she just graduated,she should be going on vacation and planning for college

not raising some kid and worrying our friend is going to come home in a fucking casket

you know,when your little,and your imagining how your life's gonna be you never quite see this stuff happening

you knowit happens,of course

but you never think its gonna happen to one of your own
then again,
you never think you'd end up the way you have either

oh,god i need a vacation

     2007-05-30 21:18:45 ET
I'm quickly becoming more and more disilousiond(sp?) with the internet,and life in general...

lately nothing has made me happy

nothing seems really worth it

i'm by no means in a "oh-god-i'm-gonna-kill-myself" mood

i'd just really really like for one of the things i try for to turn out ok

for one person to be compleatly honest with me

for one of these dumb boys to not be so dumb...
seems we girls arn't the only ones who play games....

and,oh the petty high school myspace drama...

what i'd really love is for one of thouse fuckers to say it to my face...and not literaly run away from me when they see me coming...



just...not in a very good place right now...mentally speaking...
and everything i try to do to make it better only seems to be making it worse

i donno what to do


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